The Texas Trial Lawyer Goes to Harvard…

On November 19, 2008, preacher and trial lawyer, Mark Lanier, turned teacher. His audience: A classroom filled with serious-minded Harvard Law students. In 90 minutes, Mark tells some of the “war stories” that have defined his distinguished career. A good time was had by all and students agreed, they’d never met a lawyer quite like Mark. Even after 12 years, these war stories are as fresh as if Mark was sharing them for the first time today.

1. Texas Tech, TV and Life

2. Ona Mae Clute and the Big Mac Attack

3. Bruce Springsteen, Rosalita and the Front Door

4. Rubicon v. Amoco: “I’m the Little Guy”

5. Really Expensive Grinding Wheels

6. Vioxx: Ernst vs. Merck

7. “We Turn Now to Drugs”

8. It’s Not CSI and Use Every Tool You’ve Got