Lanier Law Firm Representing Gas Royalty Owners in Class Action Against BP

Oklahoma royalty owners being shortchanged by energy giant, lawsuit says

HOUSTON – The Lanier Law Firm has filed a proposed federal class-action lawsuit against a subsidiary of energy giant BP PLC based on claims that the company improperly deducted processing and other charges from natural gas royalties that are owed to a group of royalty owners in Oklahoma.

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The FDA Issues a Hip Recall for MicroPort Orthopedics

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a Class 1 hip replacement recall for the PROFEMUR Neck Varus/Valgus CoCr 8 Degree (Part number PHAC 1254), which is manufactured by MicroPort Orthopedics. MicroPort Orthopedics has a variety of hip joint replacement systems that allow the surgeon to fit the implant specifically to the patient. The PROFEMUR Neck Varus/Valgus CoCR, part number PHAC1254 is the modular neck being recalled.

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New York Times Focuses on “Loser Pays”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other state politicians are discussing possible legislation in 2011 that would require Texas plaintiffs who lose civil lawsuits to pay the attorneys’ fees for defendants. The proposals for a so-called “loser pays” system have drawn national attention in legal and political circles, including a recent article in The New York Times where The Lanier Law Firm founder Mark Lanier says the proposals are “blatantly anti-Texan” because of the financial risks created for people who have legitimate reasons to file a lawsuit. Read the entire article here.

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