Tamiflu Fraud Bilked $1.5 Billion From Government, Alleges Whistleblower

Lawsuit: Roche Pharma misrepresented flu drug’s ability to contain influenza pandemic

BALTIMORE – Drug company Hoffmann-La Roche (OTCMKTS – RHHBY) bilked U.S. federal and state governments out of $1.5 billion by misrepresenting clinical studies and falsely claiming that its well-known influenza medicine Tamiflu was effective at containing potential pandemics, according to a recently unsealed whistleblower lawsuit. 
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Human Trafficking Litigation Attracts Media Attention

Attorneys Mark Lanier and Monica Cooper recently appeared in numerous media outlets discussing the lawsuit filed by trial lawyers at The Lanier Law Firm. Hospitality companies including Best Western, Hyatt and Red Lion have ignored criminal activity occurring on their property and failed to protect victims of sex trafficking from exploitation. The federal lawsuit is part of a series of similar complaints seeking to hold hotel chains accountable for sexual exploitation of women and children.

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Mark Lanier Named to Lawdragon’s Elite List of Legal Legends for 2019

HOUSTON – Trial lawyer Mark Lanier, founder of The Lanier Law Firm, has been selected to the class of Lawdragon Legends for 2019. The annual listing by the legal industry publication honors attorneys who have been named to the Lawdragon 500 list of top lawyers for 10 years.  


The 30 lawyers on this year’s list include two Supreme Court justices; lawyers who represent both plaintiffs and defendants in complex business and personal injury litigation; counsel who routinely handle corporate transactions involving billions of dollars; and practice leaders focusing on everything from high-profile book deals to serious human rights violations. 

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Texas Hotels Willfully Blind to Sex Trafficking, Exploitation, Lawsuit Charges

Big-name hotel chains accused of profiting from sex trade, ignoring criminal activity


DALLAS – Three national hotel chains are accused in a federal lawsuit of being complicit in rampant sex trafficking at hotels across the U.S., including a North Texas woman who was victimized at various Dallas-area hotels since age 4. Continue reading “Texas Hotels Willfully Blind to Sex Trafficking, Exploitation, Lawsuit Charges”

Corporate Documents Highlight the Roundup Cover-up

All too often the courtroom shines a bright light on corporate-sponsored collusion, influence peddling and the manipulation of scientific data that mislead both the public and private sectors about a product’s safety. One unfortunate example is found in the documents regarding the Monsanto Company’s actions to deny and dismiss the carcinogenic links of exposure to its weed killer Roundup and the product’s main ingredient, glyphosate, the most common weed killer in the world.   Continue reading “Corporate Documents Highlight the Roundup Cover-up”