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Falls, electrocutions, and other construction accidents occur every day. Construction companies provide workplace safety training and equipment to prevent these accidents. But even the best construction companies make mistakes that lead to workplace accidents.

A construction worker can get injured in an on-the-job accident that occurs due to no fault of their own. The injury can force the worker to miss wages. It can also cause pain, suffering, and other trauma. At this point, a construction worker can seek out damages from the party responsible.

The skilled Los Angeles construction accident lawyers at The Lanier Law Firm can help construction workers recover damages.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Los Angeles

Los Angeles businesses report hundreds of construction accidents annually. Common construction accidents in Los Angeles include electrocution, accidents involving equipment, and other serious accidents.

slips and falls

Slips & Falls

Slips and falls are part of OSHA’s “fatal four” construction hazards. They represent the most frequent type of fatal event in the construction industry.

Construction workers can slip and fall due to slick or uneven surfaces. They can also fall from scaffolding, ladders, and other tall structures.

A construction worker slip or fall can result in broken bones, a head injury, and other health issues. In addition, the worker can lose wages and incur costly medical bills as a result of their accident.

injured by falling objects

Injured by Falling Objects

Construction workers complete tasks beneath scaffolding, cranes, and ladders. If one of these workers drops a tool or object, there is a risk the item can strike another worker.

If a heavy load is not managed with precision and care, it can fall onto a construction worker. In this instance, the accident can cause serious injury or death.

construction equipment

Construction Equipment

Equipment training is paramount in construction. If an untrained or poorly trained worker uses heavy-duty equipment, an accident is likely. The worker can make a mistake while operating the equipment and endanger anyone onsite.

There is the potential for malfunctioning construction equipment to cause accidents, too. Construction workers must inspect their equipment regularly and take appropriate precautions to maintain it. Otherwise, if equipment malfunctions, it can injure or kill a construction worker.



Construction workers often work near power lines or power sources. They can wear gloves, a hard hat, and other safety gear when doing so. Regardless, these workers are susceptible to electrocution if they get too close to live power sources.

Electrocution can occur if any part of a construction worker’s body comes into contact with a power source. In this scenario, the worker experiences a surge of electrical current that passes through their tissue. And the surge can be fatal.

structural collapse

Structural Collapse

Working on roofs or scaffolding can be dangerous. Construction workers can commit time, energy, and resources to ensuring that an elevated work structure is stable and fully supported. But there is no guarantee that the structure will remain secure for the duration of the project.

A construction worker can fall during a structural collapse. Furthermore, other people may be injured by falling debris from the collapse.

Common Construction Accident Injuries

A construction accident can cause minor and permanent injuries. Common injuries in construction accidents include:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Server lacerations
  • Crush injuries
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Paralysis

What Should I Do After a Construction Accident?

Regardless of the severity, permanent and temporary injuries require medical attention and careful documentation and reporting of the accident that caused it. Always seek medical care before taking any other action. Sometimes an injury that appears to be minor requires intensive treatment.

Here’s what you should do following a construction accident in Los Angeles.

Seek Medical Attention

Call 911 if you need medical attention. Los Angeles is home to some of the best hospitals for construction accident victims in the United States. These hospitals include:

Do not wait to get medical help. Instead, meet with a doctor so you can receive a medical diagnosis and evaluation.

Report the Accident Injury to Your Employer

Notify your employer about your accident. At this time, your employer will collect information about you and your accident.

Your employer is required to notify OSHA about your accident if you suffered a work-related hospitalization, amputation, or lost an eye. It must do so within 24 hours of receiving details about a worker’s accident and injury.

Collect Evidence

It is paramount to collect as much evidence as possible if you are injured in a construction accident. There is no guarantee your accident will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. And if you intend to file a lawsuit, you’ll need sufficient evidence to build a strong case.

Make notes on what happened during your accident, when it took place, and who was involved. Track and organize documents and files relating to your construction accident and any subsequent injuries. If you paid medical bills, lost wages, and experienced other damages, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for them from an at-fault party.

What statutes of limitations exist in Los Angeles,
California, for filing construction accident lawsuits?

In most instances, there is a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury accident claims in Los Angeles and other California cities and towns. This means you have two years from the date of your construction accident to file a lawsuit.

Exceptions to California’s two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims apply in certain instances. For example, in cases where a government employee is a defendant, the statute of limitations ranges from six to 12 months, depending on the state agency.

An experienced Los Angeles construction accident attorney can explain the statute of limitations for your legal claim. The attorney can help you submit a claim before you miss out on your opportunity to do so.

Who is liable for a construction accident?

Every construction accident is different, and several parties can be held liable.

Contractors & Third Parties

A contractor and other third parties are responsible for delegating work. They may assign tasks to construction workers who are ill-equipped to perform them safely. Or a contractor or third party may be negligent. This includes ignoring what workers are doing, creating unsafe work conditions, or using low-quality materials. In any of these instances, workers are susceptible to accidents.

Property Owners

A property owner is responsible for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Failure to do so puts construction workers in danger.

Product Manufacturers

Construction workers use tools and other work products. If any of these products is defective, it can harm a worker. And if a defective product results in a construction accident, the worker involved may be able to sue the manufacturer.

What type of compensation can I expect to recover?

Los Angeles construction accident victims may qualify for financial compensation for any of the following reasons:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost income 
  • Loss of earning capacity 
  • Costs related to travel for medical care 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Mental anguish 
  • Scarring and disfigurement 
  • Disability

A Los Angeles construction accident lawyer can review your case and determine the types of compensation you may receive. Your attorney can then file a claim and work on your behalf to help you secure maximum damages.

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