Hurricane Ike Insurance Claims

Thousands of Texas businesses and families are dealing with the devastation left by Hurricane Ike. Unfortunately, many also face the unexpected challenge of fighting with their insurance companies over business income losses and losses to their homes, commercial and personal property. 

Businesses and families from Galveston and towns surrounding Harris and Brazoria Counties expected their insurance companies to help them get a new start based on years of paying insurance coverage premiums. Regrettably, many insurance carriers now are taking an adversarial position with the very policyholders they were paid to protect.

The Lanier Law Firm understands the emotions felt by those who have survived a natural disaster, and we want to make sure that you don’t become a victim of unfair insurance practices and bad faith insurance claims.

  • Have you been underpaid or denied coverage on your property damage claim?
  • Have you been underpaid or denied coverage on your business interruption/business income claim?
  • Have you been told that your policy does not cover damages caused by a windstorm and/or flooding?

Our skilled team of attorneys and experts work to ensure that you are treated fairly in situations involving the incorrect denial of claims, improper calculation of damages, denial of living expenses, and cases where the insurance company simply refuses to pay the correct amount.

Our team has helped thousands of claimants recover insurance payments that they were rightfully owed from their insurance carriers. We work to help businesses, individuals and families obtain property damage settlements that are timely, fair and equitable to the owners. There is no need to feel alone or beaten down by unwarranted insurance denials.

Listen to The Lanier Law Firm attorney Phillip N. Sanov in an interview about Hurricane Ike insurance claims on the What’s Up radio program:
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For more information on how we can assist you with your Hurricane Ike claim or other natural disaster claim, please fill out our hurricane insurance claim form.

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