Mark Lanier Comments on Company’s Legal Exposure from UK High-Rise Fire

The firm’s Mark Lanier was interviewed in the national legal publication Am Law Daily on the prospect for plaintiffs’ litigation stemming from the fire that killed 79 people in London’s Grenfell Tower on June 14.  Although not currently pursuing any claims, Mr. Lanier noted that he suspects Arconic, the New York-based company that made the exterior paneling being blamed for the fire’s ferocity, made avoidable missteps that could spell legal trouble for the company and potentially for its directors and officers.

“First, the company should have tested the panels in fire situations … Failure to test properly leads to a failure to warn properly,” said Mr. Lanier. “Second, the legal department (GC, etc.) should have restricted sales until outside safety company approval. In other words, I would have sent the panels to some company outside Arconic to have that company determine whether or not there is a problem.”

To read the entire article and interview, click here.

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