Unpaid Insurance Claims Linger After Hurricane Ike, Atlanta Hail Storms

Unpaid insurance claims continue to plague homeowners even though it’s been more than year since Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast and several months since hail storms ruined hundreds of homes in Georgia near Atlanta.

Many families still are struggling to put their lives back together with little or no help from their insurance companies.

The National Law Journal recently published a story about the many pending lawsuits against insurance companies over customers’ unpaid claims related to Hurricane Ike and the Atlanta hail storms. The national legal publication relied on the expertise of Phillip Sanov, who leads the Bad Faith Insurance Practice at The Lanier Law Firm.

In addition to his work with hundreds of Hurricane Ike victims whose insurance companies have delayed or refused to pay policy claims, Mr. Sanov also represents many families from the Atlanta area whose homes were severely damaged by hail during storms this past April. Mr. Sanov told the newspaper that he’s seeing insurance companies providing repair estimates so low that customers are unable to find contractors willing to do the work.

The widespread practices used by insurance companies to try to keep from paying claims has resulted in numerous calls from customers interested in filing lawsuits in order to get their insurance claims paid. Mr. Sanov told The National Law Journal that his first visit to Atlanta resulted in a ton of interest from aggrieved homeowners.

“This was my first trip, and we’ve got 84 [homeowners] that want us to represent them,” Mr. Sanov is quoted in the article. “We have got hundreds of files and we’re getting contacted by dozens each week.”

Mr. Sanov says many insurance companies are failing to tell their customers exactly what they are due under their policies as a way for the companies to save money. However, he told the newspaper, many insurers are willing to make things right if they know a lawyer is watching them on the other side.

“. . . in most places, once a lawyer gets involved, the carrier will start doing closer to the right thing by their policy holder,” Mr. Sanov is quoted as saying.

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The original National Law Journal article, entitled “Hundreds of Hurricane Ike-related suits remain pending against insurers,” was published Sept. 28, 2009.

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