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Bard PowerPort Lawsuit

Hundreds of adverse events associated with Bard PowerPorts have been reported to the FDA, and lawsuits are being filed. If you have been injured after being implanted with a Bard PowerPort device, you may have a claim. Contact The Lanier Law Firm at 888-380-3469 today for a free case evaluation.

“Hi, my name’s Rebecca Phillips and I’m an attorney at The Lanier Law Firm, where we’re helping individuals who have been harmed by Bard PowerPorts. In fact, we’ve recently been named as a co-lead in the Bard PowerPort Multidistrict Litigation. So, what is a Bard PowerPort? Well, it’s a medical device that is implanted into a patient’s body when a doctor will need repeated access to the patient’s vascular system. For example, the Ports can be used to administer IV nutrition, or they can be used to administer medicine, like chemotherapies, or they can be used to withdraw blood when the patient’s going to need blood withdrawn on a regular basis.

So what’s wrong with these Ports? Well, the lawsuits allege that these devices are defective, and they can fail in one of three ways. Number one, they can fracture, and when they fracture, pieces of the device can end up in some pretty scary places, like a patient’s heart. Number two, they can cause severe life-threatening infections. And number three, they can cause blood clots. And these blood clots can also be life-threatening.

So what’s the defect? Well, the lawsuits allege that barium sulfate was left exposed on the outer surface of these devices, and when the devices were implanted, barium sulfate degrades in vivo, which causes divots and cracks on the surface of the device. It creates the places where the fracture points happen, where the breaks happen, and it creates divots that bacteria can hide in and increase the risk for blood clots.

That’s why The Lanier Law Firm is pursuing this litigation on behalf of clients who have been injured by these devices. So if you or someone you know has had a Bard PowerPort implanted in their body and has experienced one of these injuries, please give us a call, and we’ll do a free assessment on whether or not you might have a case. We’re here to help. Again, my name’s Rebecca, and I work at The Lanier Law Firm, where we are in the co-leadership of the Bard PowerPort Multidistrict Litigation. We’re happy to help.” – Rebecca Phillips, Mass Torts Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about Bard PowerPort lawsuits.

What Is a Powerport?

PowerPorts are medical devices designed for surgical implantation in the human body. They provide health care providers with direct access to a vein to deliver medications, intravenous fluids, nutrition, or blood products. They are commonly used for chemotherapy in cancer patients.

What Is the Problem with PowerPorts?

In some ports, the catheter is made from a type of polyurethane and silicone that contains barium sulfate, a contrast dye that makes the port more visible during imaging tests, such as X-rays and CT scans. Unfortunately, barium sulfate has been shown to degrade when in contact with human tissue, causing the devices to fracture and divot, leading to injury.

What Injuries Are Associated with PowerPorts?

Complaints allege that the particles of barium sulfate break down from the surface of the PowerPort over time, leaving divots, pits, cracks, microfractures, and breakage of the device. The device may malfunction or break, migrate, and cause damage to internal organs. Complaints also allege that the divots lead to infection and thrombosis.

How Were Such Dangerous Products Cleared by the FDA?

Bard PowerPorts were cleared through the FDA’s Premarket Notification 510(k) program, which allows manufacturers to receive clearance for products that are, in theory, substantially similar to existing products without having to complete clinical studies verifying a product’s safety and efficacy.

Is the Bard PowerPort Device Recalled?

There is currently no active recall for these products. Some Bard PowerPorts were recalled in October 2019 for unrelated reasons, but this recall was terminated March 26, 2020.

Is There a Class-Action Bard PowerPort Lawsuit?

There is no class-action lawsuit, but a motion to consolidate the cases into multidistrict litigation, or MDL, has been filed.

When cases are transferred to an MDL, case discovery is shared, but each case remains separate. A few representative cases are usually selected to go to trial as a test to determine the likely outcome for the other cases. These are known as bellwether trials. These trials can provide guidance for how the remaining cases should resolve. Our mass tort lawyers have extensive experience with these types of cases and have served in leadership roles in large MDLs.

How Much Does a PowerPort Attorney Cost?

At The Lanier Law Firm, the initial consultation is free, and we work on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that we take on all the financial risks associated with your case, investing our own resources into filing fees, expert witnesses, and other case costs, with nothing due from you until after we recover compensation for you.

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