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Practice Areas

The Lanier Law Firm specializes in a variety of practice areas including asbestos exposure, pharmaceutical liability, business litigation, and product liability. We also excel in personal injury claims, such as truck accidents, construction accidents, and injuries sustained from oil rig accidents or pipeline explosions.


Asbestos Exposure

The Lanier Law Firm is one of the most experienced asbestos litigation law firms in the world. We are passionate about holding asbestos manufacturers accountable for costing millions of individuals their lives. Our expertise and reputation in these cases derive from a successful track record that spans more than two decades.


Pharmaceutical Liability

The Lanier Law Firm is a pioneer in its involvement in numerous pharmaceutical liability litigations with an extremely successful track record. We are unafraid to stand up to companies of any size because we believe the law applies equally to everyone, even large pharmaceutical companies.


Personal Injury

The Lanier Law Firm represents those injured as a result of the negligence of others. Our decades of courtroom experience and state-of-the-art preparation puts our clients on a level playing field with the insurance companies we’re fighting. We put our clients’ best interests first and foremost.

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Business Litigation

In addition to representing individuals, The Lanier Law Firm has significant experience working on behalf of businesses in cases involving breach of contract, patent infringement, oil and gas litigation, employment disputes, antitrust, fraud, and more.

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Product Liability

Flawed design or manufacturing defects may result in unsafe products that cause injury. There have been countless cases of dangerously designed products harming consumers. The Lanier Law Firm is the champion for those who have been seriously injured by defective products.

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Truck Accidents

Truck accident claims can be a complex process. The personal injury lawyers at The Lanier Law Firm have extensive experience representing clients injured or even killed in truck accidents due to the negligence of others and have obtained the maximum compensation on their behalf.

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Construction Accidents

Working in construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Each construction accident is unique in its circumstances, but a victim can retrieve compensation for many types of recoverable damages. The Lanier Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers have an exceptional track record of recovery in construction accidents.

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Car Accidents

After an auto accident, victims can be left to manage potentially serious injuries. Working with a personal injury lawyer can be critical to recovering the deserved damages. The dedicated team at The Lanier Law Firm has fought for victims of negligence for decades.

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Oil Rig Accident

Working on an oil rig is dangerous work. Oilfield injuries and offshore oil rig injuries can escalate quickly when emergency care is not nearby. The Lanier Law Firm’s team of personal injury lawyers have won substantial verdicts for clients in cases involving serious personal injuries and oil and gas litigation.


Issues & Appeals

Companies can be counted on to appeal any significant verdict that doesn’t go their way. Likewise, a verdict or ruling with a negative impact on a client may present an opportunity to appeal. The Lanier Law Firm has deep experience in providing representation on issues of importance to society and commit to lending our attorneys’ considerable talents.

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Medical Malpractice

Our lawyers have decades of experience representing patients and their family members in cases arising from medical malpractice. We have obtained substantial recoveries on behalf of those who have been catastrophically injured or killed due to medical negligence.

Maritime Law

Maritime Law (or Admiralty Law) is a separate body of law governing a variety of maritime-related disputes. The Lanier Law Firm has represented a broad range of clients in Jones Act (Seaman’s injury) cases and our maritime lawyers have a wealth of knowledge in this area of law, including advanced degrees and specialized maritime law designations.


Federal Employers’ Liability Act Claims

The Lanier Law Firm continues its tradition of fighting for those who have been injured by the negligence of others by applying our expertise to the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) claims of railroad workers.

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