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If you are interested in seeking compensation for your mesothelioma diagnosis, it’s important you choose the right law firm to represent you. The Lanier Law Firm specializes in mesothelioma claims. We have decades of litigation experience in asbestos exposure and illnesses. We have successfully recovered billions in compensation for clients nationwide.

Legally Reviewed By: Kevin LaMarca
Attorney | Mesothelioma & Asbestos

Kevin LaMarc

Legally Reviewed By: Kevin LaMarca
Attorney | Mesothelioma & Asbestos

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A mesothelioma law firm specializes in representing those diagnosed with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. Lanier Law Firm is one of the most experienced mesothelioma law firms with a proven track record of recovering maximum compensation for mesothelioma patients and their families.

Asbestos litigation requires specialized knowledge, extensive resources, and expertise in asbestos exposure. The most reliable indicator of a law firm’s qualifications is the results it has achieved for clients.

Lanier Law Firm’s Proven Asbestos Litigation Track Record

Established in 1990, Lanier Law Firm is a leading authority in asbestos law. Our attorneys have co-chaired and played major leading roles in national conferences that educate judges and attorneys about asbestos, mesothelioma cases, and the legal rights of victims. Our peers recognize our authority because of our consistently successful results on behalf of our deserving clients.

What makes a mesothelioma law firm different from any other law firm?

“Sometimes you go to the doctor and you just go to a general doctor and say, ‘I need a checkup, or I need something for a sore throat, or I’ve got this cough,’ and that works great. But if you need brain surgery, you don’t go to just an everyday doctor and say, ‘Hey, could you take off early today? I need you to cut on my brain.’ You go to a brain surgeon. Some things require special knowledge, and that’s the way it is with mesothelioma. There are lots of people who can run ads on TV. That just takes money to run ads. There are lots of people who can put together a mesothelioma booklet. That just takes paying someone to put together a mesothelioma booklet.

But if you’re really going to go into court, you want a legal team that specializes in mesothelioma cases actually at that law firm. Not just someone you sign up with who sends it to another firm. You want to get to the best of the best of the best. You want to get to the people who really know how to do this work. We’ve been doing mesothelioma work, the actual nuts and bolts work, since well back into the nineties. We have been a law firm who’s been on the leading edge, not only of the trials and the verdicts but the research that goes in behind it. That type of specialty knowledge is what you really want if you’ve got a mesothelioma claim or one of your loved ones has that claim because it makes a huge difference.” – Mark Lanier

Our Asbestos Settlements & Verdicts

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder Verdict

On behalf of 22 victims of asbestos exposure, Lanier Law Firm obtained a $4.69 billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson in the first ever trial that linked asbestos exposure through baby powder to ovarian cancer. The verdict included $550 million in compensatory damages plus $4.14 billion in punitive damages.  

Despite multiple appeals by Johnson & Johnson, the verdict was ultimately upheld, with punitive damages reduced to $1.69 billion due to Supreme Court precedent. The compensatory damages remained, resulting in a net verdict of $2.1 billion.

John N. Crane, Inc.

Lanier Law Firm won a unanimous liability verdict against manufacturer John N. Crane, Inc., on behalf of a pipefitter diagnosed with mesothelioma. The jury found the client negligent on the following grounds: 

  • The company failed to warn the public about the dangers of its products, even though the company had known about the dangers of asbestos products since the 1930s. 
  • The gaskets on the pipe fittings were defective.

Carborundum Company

Lanier Law Firm won $115.6 million, a verdict which includes $100 million in punitive damages, on behalf of 21 steelworkers diagnosed with asbestosis. The steelworkers were exposed while using asbestos-laden grinding wheels that were within inches of their faces. They did not wear protective masks because the company knowingly withheld information that the grinding wheels contained asbestos.

California Appellate Win

Attorneys from Lanier Law Firm achieved a landmark appellate win on behalf of a woman diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer from secondhand exposure to asbestos through her husband’s work clothing.

New Jersey Supreme Court Appellate Win

In yet another landmark victory, Lanier Law Firm won a ruling in the New Jersey Supreme Court affirming strict liability on the part of manufacturers who fail to warn of the dangers of their own asbestos-containing products as well as components of their products manufactured by third parties.

Default Judgment Set Aside

In a notable case, a company we had previously sued, T&N, Ltd., asked for our help setting aside a default judgment of $1.6 billion, which, if allowed to stand, would have prevented T&N from compensating their victims.  

Thanks to the dedication of our attorneys, Lanier Law Firm successfully had the verdict set aside, ensuring the funds would go to T&N’s real victims, the workers who suffered from mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Important Qualities of a Mesothelioma Law Firm

In addition to having an extensive track record of success, a qualified mesothelioma law firm has the expertise and resources to win your case.

A National Law Firm

Mesothelioma cases are seldom local, and Lanier Law Firm has extensive experience in litigating asbestos cases nationwide. Your state may not be the best venue in which to file your case. For example, the statute of limitations for mesothelioma claims varies in every state. You may have the option of filing in a state where time has not yet run out. 

A national law firm is the best choice for the following reasons: 

  • Familiar with the different types of mesothelioma claims 
  • Can represent you in all 50 states 
  • Has strong familiarity with your legal options  
  • Has specialized knowledge about asbestos laws 
  • Has extensive resources to investigate and successfully litigate mesothelioma claims 
  • Has more time and resources to devote to your claim 

Some mesothelioma victims are concerned about the practicalities of hiring an out-of-state law firm. The good news is that out attorneys have the resources and ability to travel to you for in-person meetings. They are also available via Zoom and other electronic media for virtual meetings.  

Lanier Law Firm asbestos attorneys take cases in all 50 states and can travel at a moment’s notice.


The experienced asbestos attorneys at Lanier Law Firm are among the most experienced asbestos attorneys in the world. Our decades of experience have taught us details about asbestos companies, manufacturing processes, and products, so we can more readily determine the source of our clients’ asbestos exposure, including those about which they are unaware. Our familiarity with legal processes and legal options for our clients, combined with our litigation prowess, give our clients a strong advantage in asbestos litigation. 

Through our vast experience, we have become familiar with the companies that are responsible for exposing their victims to asbestos. This is valuable for the following reasons: 

  • Knowing who these companies are enables us to help our clients pinpoint the sources of their asbestos exposure. 
  • Repeated correspondence and litigation with negligent companies have made us familiar with both their negligent conduct and litigation tactics. 
  • The negligent companies’ repeated dealings with us and our reputation have caused these companies to realize Lanier Law Firm attorneys are skilled litigators.

Do I need to hire a mesothelioma law firm near me?

“So, we handle asbestos cases all over the country. Wherever the client is, we will meet with them and wherever their case needs to be filed is where we end up going, whether that’s California or New York or anywhere in between.” – Darron Berquist

Care and Compassion

We pride ourselves on our achievements on behalf of regular people against large companies that think their financial resources place them above the law. Our law firm was founded on the concept of legal care, honesty, and professionalism.  

Each client receives individual attention,  personalized legal help, and care, as evidenced in the below client testimonials:

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“I truly want to thank you for your tenacity in winning battles for your clients of mesothelioma. Our family is very grateful to know your tireless efforts not only helped us but so many others that share the same story.”

— Kathleen R.
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“I want to thank you all once again for your incredible and relentless efforts for us. It’s hard to believe, after nine years, that you have continued to seek justice in our father’s case! I know Dad and Mom are joined together and smiling down on the Lanier Law Firm!”

— Larry M.
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“Lanier Law firm has handled my father’s case with professionalism and compassion. Sam and Austin connected with Dad immediately, and he always felt as if old friends were calling/visiting. We appreciate the stellar job they have done on our case.”

— Heidi L.

Creativity and Resourcefulness

The attorneys at Lanier Law Firm strive for extraordinary results. We are willing to resort to untraditional and creative tactics to win maximum compensation for our clients. Mark Lanier is well known for his use of props in the courtroom, including a block of veined cheese, a bale of hay with a needle in it, and even a bridge made of hundreds of Legos 

The Lanier Law Firm does not reserve its resourcefulness for the courtroom. Lanier Law Firm attorneys are thorough investigators, leaving no stone unturned in gathering evidence in asbestos cases, including such items as: 

  • Sealed cigarette packs with asbestos-containing filters 
  • Instruction manuals and internal company documents 
  • Asbestos-containing appliances 
  • Asbestos-containing sports items 
  • Flooring and roofing tile samples 
  • A firefighter’s uniform 
  • Vintage talc products 

Lanier Law Firm regularly uses these or similar items in the courtroom with success.

No Upfront Fees

We believe mesothelioma victims deserve a legal team that is of the same caliber as the representation afforded by the large companies. We make this possible by offering our clients a free mesothelioma consultation and a free case evaluation. In addition, we only charge fees on a contingency basis, meaning our clients owe us nothing unless and until we secure compensation for the clients.

How much does it cost to hire a mesothelioma law firm?

“At the Lanier Law Firm, we never charge a retainer fee or nor do we charge clients by the hour. Our fee structure is based on recoveries that we obtain for the client. The bottom line is if the client doesn’t get any funds or money from a settlement or trial, we don’t get paid either.” – Sam Taylor

Types of Mesothelioma Cases

Trust fund claims provide asbestos victims a means to access compensation sooner and with fewer uncertainties when compared to filing a lawsuit.

Asbestos Lawsuits

In many cases, the best course of action is to file a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties. This could include employers, manufacturers, and premises owners of asbestos or asbestos-containing products. The two primary types of mesothelioma lawsuits are as follows: 

  • Personal injury lawsuits: filed by the mesothelioma victim  
  • Wrongful death lawsuits: filed by the surviving family members in the event the mesothelioma victim has passed away

Trust Fund Claims

Many companies with large quantities of impacted workers became insolvent as a result of the growing numbers of asbestos lawsuits against them. Chapter 11 U.S. Code § 524 allows asbestos companies to file for bankruptcy on the condition they set up asbestos trust funds for asbestos plaintiffs. Manville Corp., the nation’s leading asbestos company, set up the first trust fund in 1982. Dozens of other companies followed.  

One advantage of filing an asbestos trust fund claim is the potential for a faster payout when compared to settling or litigating claims through the legal system. As the trust funds are depleted, payouts may be lower than the claim’s value. However, a successful trust fund claim does not bar mesothelioma compensation from other sources. 

Lanier Law Firm’s detailed investigations team will uncover all liable parties to ensure you receive compensation from every responsible source.

What kind of mesothelioma compensation can I receive?

The experienced asbestos attorneys at Lanier Law Firm are dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for those injured through asbestos exposure. The compensation available varies depending on the details of your case details, but may include the following: 

  • Medical expenses 
  • The cost of ongoing care 
  • Lost earnings 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Loss of society 
  • In cases of wrongful death :
    • The pecuniary value of the decedent’s life 
    • Funeral costs 
    • Burial expenses

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A mesothelioma diagnosis is devastating to victims and their loved ones. The asbestos and mesothelioma attorneys at Lanier Law Firm have dedicated their lives to holding those accountable who place profits above people. While financial compensation cannot reverse asbestos-related illness or bring back loved ones, it can provide victims and their families with financial security and the justice that they deserve. 

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