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Brian Bobbitt
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"If you need a lawyer, look no further. Lanier Law Firm will fight for you. You are not just another case for them. They make your case feel personal to them and fight for everything YOU Deserve. They make they make you feel like family."
Alexander C Wilcots
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"The Lanier Law Firm has some of the best employees I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone from the wonderful lady who answered my call to everyone else i ended up speaking with. My concerns were handled professionally, quickly, and I could almost hear their dedication over the phone. 5 stars."
Debra Doyle
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"I lost my husband to Mesothelioma. The Lanier Law Firm was there for me from the moment my husband passed. Their kindness and support during this difficult time of my life helped me to deal with all the issues going on in my life. They were my only friends, and I am glad they were they to support me."
Natalie Thornton
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"The Lanier Law Firm has always been kind and gracious. They provide great service and are very attentive to their customers. From mesothelioma to so many other issues, they are top notch with information. I highly recommend them."
Owen Meaney
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"I can't recommend a greater firm than The Lanier Law Firm! All members are fantastic and will work tirelessly to get the result you want. Sam Taylor is very knowledgeable and does excellent work in his field, so you'll know you're getting the best with him."
Heidi Landry
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"Lanier Law firm has handled my father’s case with professionalism and compassion. Sam and Austin connected with Dad immediately, and he always felt as if old friends were calling/visiting. We appreciate the stellar job they have done on our case."
Frank Wood
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"Lanier Law Firm Attorney Felicia Hubert handled my motor vehicle injury case which followed a Rice University police officer running a red light, destroying my car and sending me to the hospital. She was a strong advocate on my behalf and stayed on top of all the details of the case from attending and observing the downloading of data from the police CDR, preparing me for depositions, organizing the medical records and coaching me in the mediation when we settled the case."
Clay Crawford
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"The Lanier Law Firm is in a class of its own. In addition to Mark Lanier, one of the most talented lawyers who has ever practiced law, the firm has a deep and impressive bench of lawyers capable of handling even the most complex and important litigation. The firm and its lawyers have my highest recommendation."
Daphne Bradford
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"The Lanier Law Firm provided me with the perfect help I needed during a critical financial crisis for my business in California. When I couldn’t find anyone I stepped out on faith and contacted Mark Lanier. The Lanier Law Firm staff listened with compassion to my David vs. Goliath story as I was fighting one of the most corrupt politicians in Los Angeles, CA. Although this was out of their area of practice, attorneys Dwana Waltman and Rick Meadow worked together and referred me to an amazing Los Angeles law firm. I won…WE WON! The Lanier Law Firm has been a blessing to me and my business. You have my highest recommendation. I look forward to visiting y’all in Houston, TX. Thank you ;-)"
Ruby Lindsey
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"The Lanier Law Firm has been great. They don’t only give a 100% to your case, they care about your personal well being. "
Eriahak Smith
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"Ryan Ellis is simply an amazing attorney. He is honest, up-front, and works hard for his clients. He explains things very well, goes over options, answers questions, and is quite knowledgeable about a wide variety of aspects of the law. He is the kind of man that gives his profession a GOOD name, because he actually cares about his clients and their situations. He turned a potentially horrible situation into positive outcome for me, and he could do the same for you. If you ever find yourself in need of a lawyer, he is absolutely the best."
Michael Simmons
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"I have worked with The Lanier law firm for 14 years with my aunt’s asbestos case. They have truly been AWESOME each and every time we corresponded, whether by email, phone or text. I highly recommend them and could not be more pleased! Do not hesitate to call them and begin working with them!! "
Tim Boehm
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"I’ve been a client of Lanier for over 12 years and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the ethical way they deal with such a difficult disease. They are extremely knowledgeable and have handled our case such that we don’t have to worry about anything."
Mitzi Garcia
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"Mark Lanier and his team of attorneys were my angels sent from Heaven.. They listened to me, they answered all my questions, explained everything thoroughly and completely. I had full faith in this team cause they were honest and hard working for my cause."
Will Roberts
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"I am so glad to have The Lanier Law Firm in my corner. They handle things quickly, communicate at every turn and are genuinely passionate about making things right. We felt very alone but thanks to this firm, we do not feel that way anymore. Wish I could give 10 stars."
Mike Mooney
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"My mother, my two sisters, and myself have benefitted, and continue to benefit, greatly from Lanier Law Firm’s tenacious quest to seek justice from negligent entities responsible for my father’s illness and untimely death from mesothelioma."
Stacy Larson
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"Thank you for the overwhelming support, empathy, professionalism, and compassion during the most difficult and heartbreaking time of our lives. We will forever be grateful to all of the staff at Lanier. Listening to me cry every time I called couldn’t have been easy, but you all always took the time to comfort me. Thank you for all you do!"
L Gaumer
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"We have an absolutely awesome experience.Everyone has been extremely helpful especially given the circumstances of my husbands illness. Elizabeth has been wonderful and gets back to us right away whenever we have a question. Can’t say enough good things about them."
San Juanita Balderas
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"I highly recommend the Lanier Law Firm. I worked with attorney Ryan Ellis at the firm. He was extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and explained the process to me every step of the way. He fought hard to obtain a great result for me and my family. If I ever need legal help again I know just who to call."
Stewart Loken
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"Lanier Law Firm is the best in the business. Our experience was outstanding as the entire Firm are experts in this space. They were able to guide us through the entire process with confidence. Highly recommend Lanier Law Firm!"
Ruth Foster
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"Lanier law firm did a beyond the call of duty in our Mesothelioma case involving my husband. He passed away about 16 years ago. By winning multiple cases, the money that came in has helped me , being a widow, Go on and live life. They were recommended by a friend that removes asbestos. Thank you for all the people that worked on my behalf."
Kristy Brown
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"I was very apprehensive about contacting a law firm when my father was diagnosed with mesothelioma. I had heard stories of people being taken advantage of from other lawyers. After the recommendation from his doctor to contact Lanier Law Firm, I made the first call. We were immediately greeted with kindness and help. My father was treated with great dignity, honesty, and compassion. Because of his illness, we weren’t able to travel, but that was no problem because they came to us. Quickly. I have never been made to feel like a bother or nuisance when I call with questions. I am always treated with the same kindness and respect that my father received. Lanier Law Firm has gone above and beyond to research every company that had a hand in this horrible cancer! They are making sure that the ones who caused his illness and ultimately, his death, have had to pay for their crimes. There aren’t enough stars to rate this law firm! I highly recommend them to anyone who is going through what we’ve had to suffer! If you are apprehensive and have questions, like I did, just give them a call. You will be glad that you did!"
Paula A. Wood
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"My experience with the Lanier Law Firm has been above and beyond since the very first phone call! I was so shocked after my dear mama made that call that you all flew to Clarkston WA. three days later. Every person we were in contact with was so caring and informative. After mamma passed from mesothelioma we were all so devastated. Really we still are. Then our daddy passed 2 months later from a broken heart. The level of compassion from the Lanier Law Firm was really heart warming. You all always kept in touch and we knew exactly what to expect. The process of continuing on with the law suit was made very easy for me. My family can't thank you enough. Special thanks to Richard Hicks for his loving and kind nature. God bless you all from the bottom of my heart."
Robert Taylor
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"The Lanier Law Firm was with my mother and stepfather through the whole process when we found out my step father was exposed to asbestos while working in the naval ship yards. Throughout the last 10+ years their expert lawyers and team has blessed not only my family, but many other lives. My mother made sure that any settlement received 10% was given back to the same church in which we had recently held her memorial service in. The Lanier Law firm not only blessed families, but provided a way to give back to others. If you are looking for a trusted firm who will fight for you and get everything you deserve, pick Lanier! Thank you Lanier, for taking on my step-fathers case and helping my mother the past 10 or so years!"
Carlos Carabantes
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"The Lanier Law Firm took on a very delicate case of wrongful death that very deeply hurt our family. We were under great stress but the team of lawyers were absolutely phenomenal in assuring that the courts wouldn't be one of those stressful moments in a time of pain. Not only did they explain every single detail and motion that was happening but they made sure we understood why it needed to be done and explained it to our family in a way we were absolutely sure of what we were doing. We never felt in the dark and their communication with us was excellent especially since most of our family spoke spanish. The lawyers cared deeply for the case and worked their hardest to assure that we would have justice in our case. We couldn't have asked for better representation and we definitely will never forget the help they lent us. Professional, agressive, and diligent is what people look for in a very good lawyer and that is exactly what we found with the law firm. Our deepest gratitude for being referred to them and we are certain they will help dozens more in making sure they get only the best representation. We couldn't have asked for better lawyers!"
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