Tepezza Lawsuit

Tepezza has been linked to permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, and total deafness in  those who receive this drug to treat thyroid eye disease. If you have experienced these effects after receiving Tepezza infusions, you may be eligible to recover substantial compensation in a Tepezza lawsuit.

The infusion drug Tepezza has been linked to permanent hearing impairment and tinnitus, but the product’s labeling did not adequately warn patients or physicians of these effects. If you have suffered hearing problems after receiving Tepezza treatment, our Tepezza lawyers at the Lanier Law Firm may be able to help you recover significant damages.

David Kuttles:
Tepezza is a medication that’s used to treat thyroid eye disease, which is a condition involving inflammation in the back of the eye, which can lead to blurred vision or double vision, or it gives the impression or appearance of bulging eyes.

It’s a very expensive treatment. It involves eight infusions over the course of approximately six months. The medication, however, is only administered by medical providers and, or nurse practitioners.

Why should I choose the Lanier Law Firm to handle my Tepezza claim?

When you need representation in a case against a drug company, you need an experienced law firm with a reputation for getting results. 

The Lanier Law firm has been standing up to drug companies on behalf of injured individuals for 43 years. We have recovered more than $20 billion for our deserving clients.
Our pharmaceutical liability lawyers are nationally acclaimed, having earned the following recognition from our peers:

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We earned these recognitions with our attorneys’ consistency in winning historic verdicts and settlements, including the following pharmaceutical case results:

  • $9 billion verdict against Takeda & Eli Lilly for the increased cancer risk from the diabetes drug Actos
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  • $253 million in the first verdict in the United States over Vioxx
  • $57 million national settlement for injuries caused by Yaz birth control

Our law firm is one of the most feared in the nation by large drug companies. We know what it takes to successfully try a case over harmful drugs. We have defeated large companies like Johnson & Johnson in multiple cases and are currently serving leading roles in litigation against the makers of Tylenol and Gardasil

Our most important accomplishments are the differences we make in the lives of our clients, who are often experiencing the most difficult circumstances of their lives. The feedback we regularly receive includes the following:

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Mark Lanier and his team of attorneys were my angels sent from Heaven. They listened to me, they answered all my questions and explained everything thoroughly and completely. I had full faith in this team because they were honest and hard-working for my cause.Mitzi Garcia

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I am so glad to have The Lanier Law Firm in my corner.  They handle things quickly, communicate at every turn, and are genuinely passionate about making things right.  We felt very alone but thanks to this firm, we do not feel that way anymore.Will Roberts

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The Lanier Law Firm is totally awesome.  When I have had bad days they have lifted me up.  They truly care.  You do not find that at very many places.  I feel so blessed having them and for all they have done for my family.  They are family.  They are the best of the best.Carla Hunter

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