Houston Business Litigation Lawyer

The Lanier Law Firm’s Houston business litigation attorneys are dedicated to resolving business issues for clients in cases involving breach of contract, patent infringement, employment disputes, and antitrust and fraud claims. Our Business Litigation Practice Group frequently aids smaller businesses in legal proceedings against large corporations in an effort to prevent those corporations from unfairly taking advantage of small businesses through illegal and unfair business practices. Our Houston business litigation practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of these smaller companies. Our dedication and success in business litigation matters have led our past competitors to later hire us as representation for their own cases.

Our Houston law firm also handles complex business litigation for clients who face multi-issue or multi-jurisdictional business disputes. Complex business litigation claims include class-action lawsuits and those with shortened timelines, which require an efficient law firm with experience handling expert witness testimony, cross-examinations and extensive witness testimony.

Our Houston business litigation team is made up of attorneys with experience and dedication to clients’ causes. They focus on commercial and complex litigation including work in cases involving antitrust, patent infringement, fraud, deceptive trade practices, breach of contract, and much more. Notably, firm founder Mark Lanier obtained a significant settlement in 2004 in favor of Retractable Technologies, a syringe manufacturer, against Becton Dickinson & Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical syringes and needles. Another of our Houston business litigation attorneys is Maura Kolb, who was a valuable and crucial part of managing the firm’s numerous Vioxx settlements.

The Lanier Law Firm’s Houston office is one of our three law offices throughout the country. Located in the heart of the largest city in Texas, we are well-positioned to serve our clients’ Houston business litigation matters.