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From 1979 to 2002, mesothelioma—an aggressive, malignant form of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of tissues surrounding the internal organs—claimed the lives of 264 residents of Houston, Texas.

The Environmental Working Group reported in 2005 that Houston, Beaumont and Dallas were the “top Texas metropolitan areas for reported asbestos mortality from 1979 through 2002,” with Houston reporting 524 deaths.

There is no known cure for mesothelioma.

At The Lanier Law Firm, we believe no one is above the law. Our Houston mesothelioma lawyers specialize in offering individuals the same level of legal representation to everyone. We pride ourselves on our success in standing up to large companies on behalf of individuals who have experienced serious harm on account of the greed and negligence of such companies.

Why should I choose the mesothelioma attorneys at The Lanier Law Firm?

When you hire The Lanier Law Firm to handle your mesothelioma case, you can count on us for the following:

Our attorneys could work for large companies if we wanted to, but our passion is to represent the rights of individuals whose lives have been forever changed by the grievous misconduct of money-hungry companies who harmed them in exchange for labor and profit.

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“I truly want to thank you for your tenacity in winning battles for your clients of mesothelioma. Our family is very grateful to know of your tireless efforts not only helping us but so many others that share the same story.”

— Kathleen R.

“I would like to thank The Lanier Law Firm for everything they have done for my family. Since my father’s first emails to them, to after his passing and the resolution of our issue, they were right there with us, caring, attentive, and super professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them!”

— B. Cirelli

The Lanier Law Firm is one of the leading mesothelioma law firms in the world. We are known worldwide and throughout Texas for our extraordinary case results, such as the below:

When should you hire a mesothelioma or asbestos attorney?

The question of when a person should contact a lawyer following a mesothelioma diagnosis is an important one, for two reasons, basically. Number one, the statute of limitations in different states can serve to bar a claim if it’s not brought timely. That statute of limitations can vary from state to state, and it can be as short as one year.

The second reason is, it’s very important when the diagnosis occurs and the person contacts us to look at the case, an extensive evaluation and investigation of the exposure history needs to take place as soon as possible. Frequently, victims of mesothelioma have to go through chemotherapy treatments or deteriorate fairly quickly in terms of their health, and so it’s always best that we initiate the investigation as soon as possible to have the best chance of figuring out how a person was exposed to asbestos going back 20, 30, and 40 years ago.

How was I exposed to asbestos fibers?

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you have almost certainly been exposed to asbestos fibers and most likely over an extended time period. Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses often have extended latency periods of 20 to 50 years after exposure. This can create challenges when trying to determine the source of exposure.

Identifying the exposure source is critical to filing a claim for financial compensation. Our Houston asbestos lawyers at The Lanier Law Firm have successfully helped clients track down even the most obscure sources of exposure as far back as 50 years, thanks to over three decades of experience and extensive familiarity with the sources of exposure.

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Past Occupational Asbestos Exposure

Exposure to asbestos at work was the most common source of exposure. Asbestos is a group of silicate minerals that are nonconductive, chemically inert, and resistant to heat and fire, making them desirable in industrial and commercial applications.

red ribbon
red ribbon

Industries That Use Asbestos Products

In Texas, the most common industries where asbestos was used are as follows:

Group 41

Oil and gas production

power generation

Power generation

chemical manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing



paper mills

Paper mills

cement plant

Cement plants

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red ribbon

Texas Asbestos Health Protection Act

The Texas Asbestos Health Protection Act created standards for building owners and contractors to protect the health and safety of the public and especially workers by performing the following:

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red ribbon

Secondary Occupational Exposure

Secondary exposure to asbestos most commonly occurs when workers transport asbestos fibers home on their work clothes. Housewives have the second-highest mortality rate from malignant pleural mesothelioma after those exposed directly. The highest rates of exposure most likely occur while laundering tainted clothing.

Household Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos construction products were used to build many homes throughout Texas, especially homes built prior to 1980. The most common locations of asbestos in older homes include the following:

Asbestos products are not limited to the construction of the home. Asbestos was once used in more than 3,000 consumer products, including the following common household products:

cigarette filters

Cigarette filters



fire blankets

Fire blankets



ironing board covers

Ironing board covers

oven mitts

Oven mitts

potting soil

Potting soil

talcum power

Talcum powder

What should I do if I have been exposed?

Early detection and initiation of treatment of most cancers are known to result in improved prognosis. Symptoms of mesothelioma often mimic common, less serious conditions, resulting in a delayed diagnosis. While there is no known cure for mesothelioma, an early diagnosis can result in better outcomes:

There is no definitive early screening test for mesothelioma, but your doctor may be able to assess your risk by performing imaging scans and blood tests to identify changes in the lungs that could indicate cancer.

a person holding asbestos

Can I file a claim if I know I was exposed?

Texas personal injury laws require that you experience an injury before you can file a claim for damages. Asbestos exposure increases your risk of developing mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses, but it does not guarantee you will develop these conditions.

What kind of compensation can I recover?

If you are diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related illnesses, you may be eligible for the following types of compensation:

The type and amount of compensation you can receive will vary based on the severity of your condition, your life span, the details of your exposure, the circumstances of the negligent company, and the types of claims you are eligible to file.

Trust Fund Claims

The significant number of workers harmed by the misconduct of asbestos manufacturers has led to the bankruptcy of many of these companies, which reorganized under Chapter 11 U.S. Code § 524(g), setting up trust funds for the benefit of asbestos exposure victims.

These mesothelioma trust funds allow claimants to file a claim directly without going through the state tort system. As a result, the process is faster, and victims may receive compensation sooner.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury lawsuits are the primary options for plaintiffs injured by companies that have not gone bankrupt. In many cases, multiple sources of asbestos exposure can be identified, and you may be eligible to file personal injury lawsuits against solvent responsible parties and trust fund claims against bankrupt companies.

Personal injury lawsuits claiming mesothelioma, or other injuries stemming from asbestos exposure, require experienced Houston mesothelioma attorneys who are aware of all your legal options and well equipped to stand up against large companies.

Our Houston personal injury lawyers are skilled negotiators who have won significant settlements, but we are also skilled trial lawyers with a track record of winning substantial verdicts in court.

We work hard to negotiate a fair settlement for each client, but when the amount offered by the opposing party is insufficient, we are well prepared to take the case to trial.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Families whose loved ones pass away because of mesothelioma can file asbestos trust fund claims as well as wrongful death lawsuits against companies. Family members can receive the following compensation:

How long do I have to file an asbestos claim in Texas?

The statute of limitations for asbestos claims varies based on the type of claim. Asbestos trust funds individually set their own statutes of limitations.

The state of Texas has set the statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits at two years after diagnosis. VA claims can be filed at any time after diagnosis.

It is important to contact a Houston mesothelioma lawyer as soon as possible after diagnosis to ensure the lawyer has adequate time to build your case before the statute of limitations runs out.

Do I need a lawyer to help me with my asbestos claim?

The association between asbestos exposure and mesothelioma is well established, but this does not mean asbestos cases are simple.

The negligent companies leverage vast resources to fight against paying their victims the damages they rightfully owe. You need a personal injury attorney on your side to fight just as vigorously to ensure these companies compensate you generously for the harm they have caused.

During our 32 years of experience representing mesothelioma victims, our attorneys have witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by mesothelioma, and we are passionate about getting justice and ensuring our clients receive compensation that will provide access to the most advanced treatment available and financial security for victims and their families.

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