Houston Toxic Exposures Lawyer

Our Houston law office is the site of The Lanier Law Firm’s major focus on Houston toxic exposures- and asbestos-related injuries. With a history of almost 20 years handling toxic exposures cases, we have an outstanding track record backed by thousands of hours of courtroom experience provided by our Houston toxic exposures trial attorneys.

Toxic exposure cases involve the illnesses and effects of exposure to toxic chemicals. Many companies continue to use these chemicals despite knowing that they are dangerous or even carcinogenic. These same companies often fail to inform their employees about the harmful effects. The Lanier Law Firm’s Houston toxic exposures attorneys seek to gain settlements and courtroom victories on behalf of clients suffering from chemical-induced sicknesses caused by corporate neglect.

Our Houston toxic exposures attorneys have a wealth of experience in litigation involving exposure to asbestos. We are well-versed in the scientific and medical issues associated with asbestos and toxic exposure and have gained substantial recoveries for our clients. Our reputation in the courtroom also serves our clients well in negotiating settlements in lieu of a trial. One notable case led by The Lanier Law Firm founder Mark Lanier ended with a substantial victory for 21 Alabama steel mill workers with asbestos disease.

For many of our attorneys in Houston, toxic exposures litigation represents their singular focus. These attorneys include Dara Hegar, Dwana Waltman, Johnathan Armour, Maura Kolb, Kevin LaMarca, Mark A. Linder, Christopher Phipps, Benjamin Pyle, Sam E. Taylor and Megan Waida.

Please contact us for more information or if you wish to speak to one of The Lanier Law Firm’s Houston toxic exposure attorneys about your case.