Los Angeles Product Liability Lawyer

Members of the Los Angeles product liability practice at The Lanier Law Firm are part of a team of accomplished attorneys who focus on building strong cases for clients harmed by faulty products. A product liability case may deal with a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or a marketing defect that has resulted in harm or injury to a consumer of the product. Our Los Angeles product liability attorneys seek to hold the liable parties accountable for harm to our clients.

The Lanier Law Firm handles many types of product liability cases, including those involving vehicle rollovers, airbag injuries, boat accidents, infant and child automobile safety seats, commercial airline crashes, and unsafe baby furniture and toys. In one case, our attorneys settled claims against an d automobile manufacturer after an SUV rolled over and caused the deaths of two family members and severe injuries to two others.

Our Los Angeles product liability lawyers are interested in more than simply obtaining significant recoveries for clients. The Lanier Law Firm consistently works to hold companies and individuals responsible for designing, manufacturing, or distributing defective products by relying on the legal system to force manufacturers to produce safer products so fewer consumers will be harmed in the future.

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