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The Lanier Law Firm Los Angeles Office

The Lanier Law Firm continued its nationwide expansion in 2007 by opening a regional office in Los Angeles. Our LA office is located in North Los Angeles just off the 101 Freeway, a short drive from LAX and Bob Hope Airport.


2829 Townsgate Rd.
Suite 100
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Experienced Los Angeles Attorneys

The Los Angeles office of The Lanier Law Firm provides exceptional legal care to clients with personal injury claims, mesothelioma claims, and complex business disputes. Our experienced Los Angeles attorneys are nationally recognized for our historically large verdicts and consistent results on behalf of our clients.

Mark Lanier founded The Lanier Law Firm in 1990 in Houston, Texas, and opened the firm’s Los Angeles office in 2007. His vision was to ensure small businesses and individuals have a level playing field against corporations that would otherwise use their massive financial resources to gain an unfair advantage.

We define legal care as personalized advocacy combined with the most skillful representation available. We are passionate about getting justice for our deserving clients who have experienced harm through the careless or deliberate misdeeds of others.

Mark Lanier

Why Choose The Lanier Law Firm

The Lanier Law Firm has built a reputation as one of the most feared plaintiffs’ law firms in the nation. During our 32+ years in practice, we have won nearly $20 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients, including the following:

  • $502 million against DePuy Orthopaedics and Johnson & Johnson for defective hip implants
  • $115 million on behalf of 21 steelworkers who were harmed due to asbestos exposure
  • $5.5 million for a worker who suffered a severe fall
  • $6.2 million in a Bank of America settlement for attorney fees

These results are more than just numbers to us. They represent the difference we were able to make in the lives of real people experiencing the most difficult challenges of their lives. Our clients know we care. We regularly receive feedback from our clients.

“The Lanier Law Firm represented me on a case these past few years. Their sincere concern for my health, welfare, and case was genuine and greatly appreciated. They communicated with me throughout the process, made sure I understood my options and went above and beyond seeking the highest award for my injuries. I would highly recommend their legal services as they truly fulfilled their reputation as one of the best firms in the country.” – Carl Woodward

The Lanier Team

Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers represent individuals who have been severely injured because of the negligence of others. Negligence occurs when someone fails to exercise a reasonable duty of care. In some cases, more than one party is negligent.

Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers can provide a thorough investigation into the incident precipitating your injuries, identify all responsible parties, and pursue maximized compensation.


Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

Catastrophic injuries are life-altering injuries that are typically permanent. These include injuries such as:


Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorneys

A wrongful death occurs when someone’s negligent or deliberate acts or omissions result in the death of another. In California, the immediate family members of the deceased are entitled to file a wrongful death claim.

Our attorneys can help you recover compensation for the economic and non-economic costs of the death. Punitive damages are available in some cases.


Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys

Car accident cases typically begin with an insurance claim. Insurance companies often resort to tactics designed to take advantage of injured claimants who lack experience with personal injury law. They may pressure you to accept an excessively low early settlement offer or use deceptive tactics to induce you to make statements they can use against you.

Insurance companies know better than to try these tactics on a Los Angeles car accident lawyer from The Lanier Law Firm. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation available. In many cases, our attorneys can also identify additional liable parties, which can only increase your compensation.


Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accident cases are more complex than car accident cases because drivers of commercial vehicles cause these accidents in the line of duty. Trucking companies are typically liable for the negligence of their drivers. Our attorneys have significant experience handling truck accident cases.


Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle riders are at higher risk of experiencing an accident because drivers fail to watch for them. They also face a higher risk of experiencing catastrophic injuries compared to passenger vehicle accidents. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can reconstruct your accident and hold the responsible parties accountable.


Los Angeles Construction Accident Lawyers

Workers in the construction industry experience a high number of accidents compared to workers in other industries. Many of these accidents are caused by faulty safety equipment and unsafe conditions at the job site.

If you are injured in a construction accident in L.A., our attorneys can help you file a workers’ compensation claim and a civil lawsuit against liable third parties, such as manufacturers of faulty equipment.


Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Los Angeles

Health care providers in California have a duty to provide a reasonable standard of care. If you have suffered a serious injury because a health care provider breached this duty, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Medical malpractice cases are complex because they require detailed knowledge of the legal and medical fields. They also require access to resources such as expert medical witnesses.

Our medical malpractice attorneys achieve remarkable results thanks to our strong resource network and aggressive approach to these cases.


California Product Liability Lawyers

Product liability works differently from other personal injury cases because it is based on strict liability rather than negligence. In strict liability cases, you need only to prove that a product was defective or that the product documentation was inadequate. You do not have to prove a duty of care was violated.

Product liability cases often impact large numbers of people suffering similar types of harm. These are known as mass torts. Our law firm has been nationally recognized for its landmark results in mass tort cases.

These cases may involve pesticides, foods, children’s products, and tools. One of the most common types of product liability claims involve defective drugs and medical devices.

Drunk Driving icon

Los Angeles Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, drunk driving continues to be one of the leading causes of all car crashes in Los Angeles. The drunk driving accident attorneys at The Lanier Law Firm can help you explore all avenues for getting the compensation and justice you deserve after an intoxicated driver hurts you in a crash.

Pedestrian Accident icon

Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrians in Los Angeles are more likely to suffer severe or catastrophic injuries in an accident. Drivers who speed or don’t pay attention, combined with the lack of appropriate safety infrastructure, leave those on foot especially vulnerable to injuries or even death when they are involved in a pedestrian accident.

Slip and Fall icon

Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorneys

Although all business owners or property managers must keep their premises safe, they often fail to do so. This can leave those who visit these properties at risk of injury. At The Lanier Law Firm, our slip and fall attorneys in Los Angeles can help you hold a commercial property owner or managers liable if you slip or otherwise get hurt due to negligence.

Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

Defective drugs and medical devices can cause severe and deadly harm, whereas they are supposed to improve health. The Lanier Law Firm’s pharmaceutical liability attorneys have obtained massive verdicts and settlements in cases involving defective drugs and medical devices, including the following:

Los Angeles Business Litigation Law Firm

The business litigation section of The Lanier Law Firm has been handling complex litigation cases involving the following for more than 30 years:

  • Antitrust
  • Breach of contract
  • Environmental cases
  • Fraud
  • Oil and gas litigation
  • Whistleblower lawsuits
  • Employment disputes
  • Patent infringement

We have successfully resolved business disputes through mediation, arbitration, and, when necessary, litigation. Strong negotiation and collaborative skills are essential components of successful business dispute resolution. Our results demonstrate that our attorneys are skilled in these areas.

Our Los Angeles business litigation attorneys are world-class trial lawyers with a reputation that motivates companies to settle cases outside of court rather than attempt to defeat us at trial. We are unafraid to take on cases against the largest companies in the world because our attorneys know how to prepare a strong case and win over a jury.

The Lanier Law Firm is currently involved in environmental litigation regarding toxic exposures in Canoga Park and a multi-state antitrust lawsuit against Google. Our law firm has been selected to take on key leadership roles in those cases.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mesothelioma Law Firm

A mesothelioma law firm handles cases for individuals who have developed asbestos-related illnesses as a result of exposure to asbestos that may have occurred decades prior to diagnosis. Asbestos-related diseases include asbestosis, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and mesothelioma.

The Culpability of Asbestos Companies

Asbestos exposure most commonly occurred on the job from the early 1900s until around 1980. Exposure to asbestos was also common in the military, particularly for Navy and Coast Guard personnel.

Asbestos exposure is not limited to occupational exposure. Individuals may have been exposed in their homes, at school, or in public spaces.

The companies responsible for exposing their workers and the public to asbestos knew the substance was dangerous for nearly 50 years before informing the public of this fact. Sadly, the asbestos industry participated in an active coverup to protect its profit margins.

Hundreds of thousands of people have consequently died from asbestos exposure. Despite the obvious liability of these companies, many of them are large corporations, and holding them accountable is not as straightforward as it would seem.

Experienced Los Angeles Mesothelioma Lawyers

Being diagnosed with mesothelioma can be a shocking experience, especially if you were unaware that you had been exposed to asbestos. You must be able to prove how you were exposed to asbestos before you can sue anyone.

After you prove your source of exposure, you will need to determine what type of claim or claims you qualify for. If you are eligible to file a mesothelioma lawsuit, you will have to face a large corporation that will most likely shift blame to another company or even claim you had a genetic predisposition to mesothelioma.

These obstacles can be insurmountable to a law firm that lacks experience handling these types of cases, but The Lanier Law Firm has been representing mesothelioma claimants for more than 25 years. We have resources that are unique to our law firm, such as:

  • An extensive inventory and picture library of asbestos products
  • Public and private documents, memos, and correspondence from asbestos companies
  • Relationships with leading experts in asbestos and asbestos diseases

When The Lanier Law Firm accepts your mesothelioma case, we will spend an extended amount of time with you to obtain a comprehensive life history and show you pictures of thousands of everyday items that contain asbestos. This will help us identify your exposure sources.

You may be eligible to file a lawsuit, trust fund claim, VA claim, or workers’ compensation claim. Our Los Angeles mesothelioma lawyers can determine which type of mesothelioma claims you qualify for. We prepare every case for court, but more than 95 percent of our cases end in fair and reasonable settlements.

Our Mesothelioma Case Results

Our mesothelioma case results include the following:

  • $4.5 million for a worker exposed to asbestos through joint compound
  • $2.577 for a worker exposed to asbestos through an oil rig and automotive brake mechanic work
  • $2.3 million for a California electrician exposed to asbestos at a naval shipyard
  • $1.5 million for the family of a deceased woman exposed to asbestos through cosmetic talc and her husband’s work

Who are our Los Angeles attorneys?

Our Los Angeles attorneys are world-class litigators who care about each client and have a reputation for being among the best in the country.

Mark Lanier

Mark Lanier

Founder Mark Lanier is known worldwide for his charismatic courtroom demeanor, ability to connect with juries, and technological savvy. He mentors other attorneys and is one of the most feared plaintiff’s attorneys in the country. He has received such acknowledgments as the following:

  • Legal 500 Hall of Fame
  • Top 100 Trial Attorneys, Benchmark Litigation
  • One of the top civil trial lawyers in America, according to the New York Times

Mark Lanier’s case results include the following:

  • A record-breaking $483 million verdict in a business fraud case against one of the nation’s
    largest oil producers
  • A $9 billion verdict against Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Eli Lilly for harm caused by the diabetes drug Actos
  • A substantial settlement for Retractable Technologies in an antitrust case against Becton
  • Dickinson & Company, a verdict that landed Mark Lanier a cameo appearance as himself in the movie “Puncture”

Mark Lanier’s approach to law is personalized, compassionate, and skilled. He believes in going to whatever lengths it takes to pursue justice.

Dara Hegar is the managing attorney of all The Lanier Law Firm offices. She is skilled in complex litigation and has taken a leading role in cases that resulted in the following:

  • A $1.85 billion settlement against a major opioid manufacturer
  • Verdicts against DePuy Orthopaedics and Johnson & Johnson of $247 million, $528 million, and $1.05 billion

Her work has earned her the following recognition and awards:

  • Lawdragon 500’s Leading Lawyers in America
  • Selection by U.S. News & World Report as one of the Best Lawyers in America
  • Designation as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers

Dara Hegar

Lanier Law Attorney

Michael Akselrud

Lanier Law Attorney

Michael Akselrud is an associate at The Lanier Law Firm who focuses his practice in business litigation, personal injury, asbestos exposure, and product liability.

He has been acknowledged by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star in Southern California since 2016 and named a Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyer.

He has played an integral role in many of The Lanier Law Firm’s historic cases, including the groundbreaking verdict against Johnson & Johnson of $4.69 billion in the first-ever lawsuit connecting asbestos in baby powder to ovarian cancer.

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The state of California limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit for all types of claims. It is important to contact us as soon as possible for your business matter, personal injury case, or mesothelioma claim before time runs out.

The Lanier Law Firm’s Los Angeles office is located in Northern LA in the beautiful Woodland Hills neighborhood. Contact a Los Angeles lawyer today to schedule your free consultation.

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