New York Product Liability Lawyer

The Lanier Law Firm’s New York product liability practice is home to attorneys with years of experience in high-stakes courtroom litigation, building strong cases and winning major settlements and recoveries on behalf of clients. Our lawyers are dedicated to providing recoveries to consumers who have been harmed by products with design or manufacturing defects. Our New York product liability attorneys are devoted to holding a defective product’s designer, manufacturer, supplier or retailer liable for any injury caused by their product. Based on their expertise, many of our New York attorneys are sought after by other law practices to serve as courtroom trial counsel.

One of our New York product liability lawyers, Richard Meadow, was a part of the major litigation against global pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company. The product liability lawsuit over the medication Zyprexa ended in a negotiated settlement for our clients. Mr. Meadow is one of many outstanding trial attorneys at The Lanier Law Firm, providing years of experience representing clients harmed by pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, asbestos, medical malpractice, defective products, construction defects, lead poisoning, motor vehicle crashes, and negligence of premises owners and municipalities.

Other attorneys in The Lanier Law Firm’s New York product liability practice include Darron E. Berquist and Evan M. Janush.

If you feel you have been harmed due to a faulty or defective product and wish to know more about our New York product liability practice, please contact us for further information.