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The Lanier Law Firm
New York Office

Located in Midtown East, the firm’s presence in the NYC metro area continues a commitment to provide clients – both individuals and corporations – with passionate and skilled legal representation in every case.

Experienced New York Attorneys

The Lanier Law Firm excels in a variety of practice areas, including business litigation, personal injury, and asbestos exposure. Our world-class attorneys have gained acclaim by providing fierce advocacy for individuals and small businesses against large corporations, insurance companies, and defendants who believe their vast financial resources can protect them from liability for wrongdoing.

The Lanier Law Firm opened its New York location in 2005 with a vision to provide the community with passionate and skilled legal representation. It was part of Mark Lanier’s continued quest to offer individuals a means to stand up to large corporations and receive the justice they deserve.

Mark Lanier

Why Choose The Lanier Law Firm

Our law firm is best known for our willingness to go to whatever lengths to get results for our clients. We are unafraid to litigate our cases in court for the benefit of our clients. Our skill in the courtroom has led many large companies to offer historical settlements to avoid facing us in court.

Our reputation is fueled by the results our attorneys regularly achieve in our cases against large companies. Below are just a few examples of case results our attorneys have achieved:

  • $417 million verdict in a business fraud case against Amoco
  • $115 million verdict in a mesothelioma case involving 21 steelworkers
  • $56.3 million verdict for a construction worker paralyzed while using defective equipment

U.S. News and World Report has recognized our law firm as a Tier 1 Best Law Firm, and several of our lawyers are designated by Thomson Reuters as Super Lawyers every year.

The Notable Accomplishments of Mark Lanier

Mark Lanier has earned the respect and admiration of his peers due to his success in obtaining verdicts against some of the largest corporations in the world. He has been officially recognized for the following:

  • Trial Lawyer of the Year and one of the 50 most influential lawyers in the country by the National Trial Lawyers Association
  • One of America’s Leading Lawyers for Business eight years in a row by Chambers USA
  • Elite Trial Lawyers award by the National Law Journal for five straight years
  • Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdict by Courtroom View Network
  • Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Association of Justice

Mark Lanier is well-known in the courtroom for his technological savvy and ability to connect with juries. He was recently awarded the Keith Givens Visionary Award for his extraordinary and growing body of work in complex litigation nationwide.

The Lanier Team

New York Business Litigation Attorneys

The Lanier Law Firm stands up for small businesses that find themselves at an unfair disadvantage in disputes with large corporations. With decades of experience in business litigation, our New York business litigation lawyers handle a variety of complex business disputes, including the following:

Evan Janush, Managing Attorney of the New York Office

Lanier Law Attorney

Evan Janush oversees the firm’s New York business litigation practice and is the group leader of our employment litigation practice in New York.

Mr. Janush has been honored with the following prestigious designations:

  • One of New York’s Top 100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association every year since 2010
  • A Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyer in 2020
  • A Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer every year since 2013

He is a member of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association for Justice.

New York Mesothelioma Attorneys

Mesothelioma is a painful, deadly illness brought on by exposure to asbestos earlier in life. In most cases, the asbestos exposure responsible for the condition occurred decades prior to the onset of the illness.

Most asbestos exposures occurred during employment with a company that mined asbestos, manufactured asbestos products, or used asbestos products. These companies knew about the dangers of asbestos. However, alerting the public would have reduced their profits, so they actively concealed the truth.

This unconscionable coverup by the asbestos industry has led to millions of people developing mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis.

How The Lanier Law Firm Helps Mesothelioma Clients

The Lanier Law Firm has decades of experience helping clients hold large companies accountable for exposing them to asbestos. During this time, we have built an extensive library of asbestos products, which are documented in a picture book clients can use to identify sources of exposure.

As soon as the sources of exposure are identified, our New York mesothelioma lawyers go to work filing your mesothelioma case and beginning settlement negotiations.

Our Mesothelioma Case Results

Due to the devastating nature of asbestos-related illnesses, our asbestos lawyers are committed to obtaining remarkable results for each client, including:

  • $4.5 million for a man exposed to asbestos through joint compound
  • $3.589 million settlement for the family of a deceased woman exposed to asbestos through her husband’s work clothes
  • $2 million for a shipyard worker with pleural mesothelioma
  • $2 million for the family of a woman who died of peritoneal mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos through cosmetic products

We cannot restore health, but we can hold companies accountable and help our clients experience financial security for themselves and their families.

Darron Berquist, Managing Attorney of the New York Asbestos Practice

Mark Lanier Lawyer

Darron Berquist is the managing attorney of the New York asbestos practice. He served on the pre-trial team for 22 women with ovarian cancer after exposure to asbestos through Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based baby powder. This trial resulted in a $4.69 billion verdict on behalf of the women.

Mr. Berquist is a member of the exclusive New York State Trial Lawyers Association, recognized by Best Lawyers in 2022 and 2023, and designated a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters in 2020.

 “Since our initial phone call with Darron Berquist of The Lanier Law Firm nearly ten years ago, my family and I knew he had our best interests in mind with my wife’s mesothelioma case. His persistence, knowledge, responsiveness, and attention to detail has been a staple of his character in each and every conversation and meeting throughout the years. I would highly suggest and recommend reaching out to Darron and his team for any of your legal needs.” -GB

New York Personal Injury Lawyers

The Lanier Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers pride themselves on obtaining remarkable results for individuals injured because of another party’s negligence. The firm’s personal injury practice is extensive and includes multiple areas of personal injury law.

Product liability is an important facet of personal injury law that holds companies accountable for producing and promoting products that cause harm. These companies can be held liable based on the doctrine of strict liability, which does not require proof of negligence.

Strict liability means manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are liable when products they produce and make available to the public have at least one of the following defects:

  • Defective design
  • Defective manufacturing
  • Failure to warn

When a single product harms a large number of people, it is known as a mass tort. Mass tort cases can be handled in class action lawsuits or multidistrict litigation (MDL). They can involve any type of consumer product, including but not limited to the following:




Children’s products








Medical devices

The Lanier Law Firm handles all types of mass tort cases. The most common we see are cases involving drugs and medical devices.

Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

The pharmaceutical industry comprises some of the largest corporations in the world, and they are among the most notorious for prioritizing profits over the well-being of patients who rely on their products. This represents a grievous betrayal of human trust.
The Lanier Law Firm is on a mission to ensure it is more expensive for pharmaceutical companies to make harmful products than safe products. We pursue this goal by fighting for historically high verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our relentless pursuit of justice has resulted in such results as the following:

  • $253 million settlement in the first-ever verdict against Merck and Co, Inc., the maker of VIOXX
  • $4.85 billion national VIOXX settlement
  • Over $1 billion combined verdict against DePuy and Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics, Inc. for defective hip implants,
    followed by additional verdicts of $247 million and $502 million
  • $7.25 billion total in verdicts against the makers of transvaginal mesh

We have seen firsthand the difference these results have made in the lives of our clients, and this is where we derive most of our satisfaction as attorneys.

Richard Meadow, Director of Business Develpoment

Lanier Law Attorney

Richard Meadow is the national mass tort leader for The Lanier Law Firm. He has won significant verdicts and settlements for injured clients and has been recognized by the National Law Journal for large verdicts. He has personally settled claims in the tens of millions on behalf of clients.

Mr. Meadow has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in New York. He has earned a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent rating and has been named to the Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers. The U.S. News and World Report has recognized him as one of the nation’s best lawyers for multiple years.

New York Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death occurs when someone’s negligent or deliberate acts or omissions cause or contribute to death. In New York, a personal representative has the right to file a lawsuit on behalf of the estate of the deceased. Damages are awarded to the estate and distributed to the immediate family members.

New York Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries are severe injuries that have life-altering consequences, such as the following:

  • Severe burn injuries that cover large portions of the face or body
  • Spinal cord injuries that result in quadriplegia or paraplegia
  • Traumatic brain injuries that cause severe cognitive impairments
  • Amputations
  • Loss of functioning of major bodily organs

The financial toll of these types of injuries can be staggering because they may require a lifetime of care and result in a permanent loss of earning capacity. When you are catastrophically injured, the catastrophic injury attorneys at The Lanier Law Firm are willing to fight to get you the compensation you need, even if that means going to court.

New York Car Accident Lawyer

The Lanier Law Firm helps car accident victims, including those hurt in drunk driving accidents, pursue maximum damages from their no-fault insurance, the liable party’s insurance, and additional third parties. Our law firm goes the extra mile by providing detailed accident reconstruction investigations, thorough medical records reviews, and passionate representation.

New York Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accident injuries are more likely to be catastrophic because trucks are significantly larger and heavier than cars. Trucking companies in New York are vicariously liable for the negligent conduct of drivers. The trucking company’s own negligence may also be to blame for:

  • Negligent hiring practices
  • Overworked drivers
  • Poor truck maintenance

Truck companies are large companies that tend to fight against injured drivers, but The Lanier Law Firm has extensive experience handling truck accident cases and successfully holding trucking companies accountable.

New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Working with a motorcycle accident attorney in New York is especially important because motorcycle crashes are excluded from the state no-fault laws. The Lanier Law Firm can help you understand your legal options for filing a claim against the at-fault party’s liability insurance after your motorcycle accident.

New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable to injury accidents because they have very little protection from the dangers of New York roadways. In many cases, injuries resulting from pedestrian accidents are some of the most severe and can leave victims with lifelong pain and high medical expenses.

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice violates the sacred trust inherent in a doctor/patient relationship. These cases are complex and require detailed knowledge of both the medical and legal fields.

To prevail in a medical malpractice case, you must establish that harm occurred because a health care professional failed to provide a reasonable standard of care.

New York Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners are liable for injuries people sustain while on their property if the injuries result from the owner’s negligence. The Lanier Law Firm handles premises liability cases that arise from the following:

  • Slips and falls
  • Inadequate security
  • Exposure to harmful products
  • Building defects
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Elevator or escalator accidents

New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction is one of the most hazardous industries for workers. When you are injured in a construction accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. You may also have a claim against the premises owner or the manufacturer of defective equipment. We help construction workers identify all responsible parties and maximize their compensation.

A Law Firm that Has Redefined Legal Care

When you need an attorney to handle your New York business dispute, personal injury claim, or mesothelioma lawsuit, you can count on The Lanier Law Firm to provide strong advocacy with the highest standards of skill and professionalism with a personalized approach.

This is what we call redefining legal care. This is the foundation of our success, and, for our attorneys, it is more than just a job. It is a calling.

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