VIOXX® Trial News

Posted by The Lanier Law Firm on September 7, 2010
TRIAL ATTORNEY SAYS MERCK IS “STEP CLOSER TO ACCOUNTABILITY” AS VIOXX® TRIAL CONTINUES   Attorney Mark Lanier:“Merck can’t turn a loss into a win just by saying it’s so” Atlantic City – A jury on Friday in New Jersey Superior Court imposed a serious and strong verdict against Merck…

Lawyers Bid for Exhibit A as Evidence Surfaces on EBay

Posted by The Lanier Law Firm on January 5, 2010
By Lisa GirionTimes Staff Writer The Los Angeles TimesSection A Download PDF version: “Ebay Evidence”Download Adobe Acrobat Reader After a heated bidding war on EBay, Mark Lanier recently paid $2,125 to win a 1941 naval machinery manual. It sounds like a peculiar collecting hobby, but to Lanier it was…

Default Judgment Set Aside in Huge Asbestos Case

Posted by The Lanier Law Firm on December 20, 2009
Lawyers Switch Sides to Protect Settlements   By Susan Borreson Texas Lawyer Shepard Hoffman once donned a Darth Vader costume at one of the annual seminars he organizes for asbestos plaintiffs lawyers in a quirky demonstration of what he calls the evil ways of asbestos manufacturers. So why did…

21 Steelworkers Who Contracted Asbestos Disease Win $115 Million

Posted by The Lanier Law Firm on June 5, 2009
By Steve Olafson, Houston Chronicle ANGLETON – A Brazoria County jury awarded $115.6 million to 21 steelworkers Thursday for asbestos disease they contracted at an Alabama steel mill.   Finding that The Carborundum Co. acted with gross negligence and malice, the jury assessed $100 million in punitive damages against…
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