Vioxx Settlement Update

03/11/2010 — Merck has made final payments for all the qualified Vioxx claimants who had heart attacks, and The Lanier Law Firm has distributed that money. There are still lien issues to resolve on a few of these claims, and as liens get resolved, if there is additional money received, we will process it promptly.

Stroke cases continue to be resolved and paid each month.


Current indications from the Vioxx Claims Administrator are that all stroke Points Award notices will be issued by the end of March. We will contact you as soon as we receive any information on your case from the Claims Administrator. After all stroke points awards are finalized, the Claims Administrator will be able to make a final payment on stroke cases to our firm. The current estimation is that we will receive final payment for all stroke cases at some point in the second quarter of this year. Once we receive final stroke payments, we will process them as quickly as possible.

We provide this update in an effort to help individual clients avoid the time and expense of having to regularly contact the firm about the status of their case.

Again, we will contact you directly once we receive word from the Vioxx Claims Administrator concerning your case.