Medical Malpractice

The attorneys at Lanier Law Firm are passionate advocates for those who have been wrongfully injured. Negligence by healthcare providers is especially egregious because of the tremendous trust patients give them. Healthcare providers have a legal duty to offer treatment that meets or exceeds standards of care.

The Lanier Law Firm Difference

The Lanier Law Firm was founded by Mark Lanier in 1990. Our firm has since grown to a staff of over 60 passionate attorneys in three states, each with decades of experience in all areas of personal injury law. 

Our attorneys have successfully represented large corporations, insurance companies, and healthcare providers, but our real passion is to advocate for injured individuals, often against these entities. Our experience representing parties on both sides provides us with unique insights that help us win cases.

At Lanier Law Firm, we are unafraid to take on large healthcare corporations on behalf of individuals.  We specialize in holding large corporations accountable who erroneously believe they are above the law due to their vast financial resources.

With offices in Houston, Los Angeles, and New York City, we represent clients throughout the nation. Our firm is well-known nationally for its success in winning historically large verdicts.

Our medical malpractice attorneys have successfully represented clients who were injured in a multitude of circumstances:

  • Birth injuries
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed treatment
  • Medication errors
  • Surgical errors

Our Proven Record of Success

Below are just a few examples of our successful medical malpractice case results:

  • On behalf of a patient who was blind in one eye, who, after being left unattended in her bed with the rail down, fell and became legally blind in the other eye
  • On behalf of a patient who was sexually assaulted by a hospital employee and whose report to nursing staff was ignored
  • On behalf of a patient who received the wrong medication from a pharmacist, resulting in months-long hospitalization from hypoglycemic shock
  • On behalf of a client who was left paralyzed when a surgeon failed to address blood that had begun pooling at the client’s spine during surgery
  • On behalf of a client who contracted a severe infection caused by contaminated surgical instruments during rotator cuff surgery, in a case that received national attention after our investigation uncovered six additional patients who were similarly injured
  • On behalf of a family in a birth injury case in which doctors failed to diagnose their newborn infant’s fractured skull, resulting in a fatal case of bacterial meningitis
  • On behalf of the family of an elderly nursing home patient who passed away a few days after both legs were amputated as a result of the development of 20 pressure ulcers

Our Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Effective medical malpractice representation requires specialized knowledge in the legal and medical fields.  At Lanier Law, we have access to the most qualified medical experts in the industry plus the benefit of decades of experience. Our lawyers have been repeatedly recognized as the best in their fields.

Lawrence (Larry) Wilson

Larry Wilson has received numerous honors for his successes, including recognition by US News and World Report’s Best Lawyers in America, Thomas Reuter’s Super Lawyers, and Lawdragon 500 as a Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyer. He has achieved significant settlements and verdicts in multiple personal injury cases involving medical malpractice, sexual assault, discrimination, and automotive negligence.

Arthur R. Miller

Arthur Miller is a leading scholar in the field of American civil procedure and has worked in several prestigious positions within the U.S. government throughout his distinguished career. He has authored over 40 books and received six honorary doctorates. He has argued several cases in all of the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Evan M. Janush

Evan Janush has received distinguished honors every year since 2010 as a Top 100 trial lawyer in New York, Thomas Reuters Super Lawyer, and Lawdragon’s 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers. He has served as lead or co-lead counsel in numerous successful medical malpractice cases. He is heavily involved with nationwide litigation regarding defective drugs and medical devices.

Kevin P. Parker

Kevin Parker joined the Lanier Law Firm in 1994. He is the head of the Issues and Appeals Section. His pre-trial work ensures the verdicts we win are appeal-proof. He is licensed to practice in Texas state and multiple federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. He and his wife volunteer to promote the rights of individuals with disabilities nationwide.

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