Practice Area: Maritime Law

Judson A. Waltman

Judson (Jud) Waltman, a native of Lufkin, Texas, is the Managing Attorney in Houston over Personal Injury, Product Liability and Maritime Litigation.

Kenneth W. Starr

Ken Starr joined The Lanier Law Firm in 2018, building on a distinguished career in the law, academia and public service.

Kevin P. Parker

Kevin P. Parker is the head of the Issues and Appeals section of The Lanier Law Firm. His pre-trial work ensures client cases will stand the test of an appeal.

Arthur R. Miller

Arthur R. Miller joined The Lanier Law Firm in 2013 in an Of Counsel capacity. Miller is a leading scholar in the field of American civil procedure.

Richard D. Meadow

Richard D. Meadow is the National Mass Tort Leader for The Lanier Law Firm in the New York office and has been a practicing trial attorney for more than 30 years.

Dara Hegar

Dara Hegar joined the Lanier Law Firm in 1999 and is currently the Managing Attorney for the firm’s offices in Houston, Los Angeles, and New York.


W. Mark Lanier is an attorney, author, teacher, pastor, and expert storyteller. He founded The Lanier Law Firm in 1990.