Accountability for Financial Fraud

There are instances when investors can recover financial losses, especially in cases involving alleged fraud, such as those attributed to disgraced investment advisors Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford. The Lanier Law Firm has already been called on to help recover funds for institutional and individual investors victimized by financial fraud and other misdeeds.

If you have experienced financial losses as a result of alleged investment fraud by Madoff, Stanford International Bank, Stanford Financial Group or Stanford Capital Management, we invite you to contact The Lanier Law Firm for information on how we can fight to get your money back.

During the past two years, investors have lost billions of dollars due to a lack of accountability and large-scale securities fraud. Thousands of investors and many reputable hedge funds entrusted billions of dollars to Madoff and Stanford alone. The Lanier Law Firm has already been on the front lines in the fight to make restitution for the greed, incompetence and “book cooking” in financial fraud schemes.

If you sustained substantial financial losses due to the Madoff securities scheme or misrepresentations by Stanford Financial Group, Stanford International Bank or Stanford Capital Management, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

contact The Lanier Law Firm to discover if you may be one of those who can recoup financial losses brought about by illicit investment schemes.

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