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Attorney Spotlight – Felicia M. Hubert

Each month, we like to feature one of our attorneys to help you get to know our team better. We recently sat down with attorney Felicia M. Hubert to talk about her background in the legal field and what she is currently working on.


What led you to a legal career?

My father always told me I could make an argument for anything (I’m not sure that was a compliment). I was on the debate team in high school, competing at the state level and reinforcing my zeal for making a good argument. In college, I was a history major, concentrating my studies on medieval English history (the basis for our current legal system). I was also involved as a witness in a legal proceeding as a college student. Seeing the system in action bolstered the appeal of a legal career.

What has been your most interesting or memorable case and why?

My most interesting case at The Lanier Law Firm seemed rather run-of-the-mill. An insured person suing their insurance broker for making misrepresentations in an insurance application, leading to denial of a major claim. Pretty boring until we get to the goat….I’ll just leave that to your imagination (I had to fight to keep the goat out of evidence). Larry Wilson and I tried that case to victory and were recognized for winning the second largest consumer protection verdict that year.


I had another case in which a husband and father were killed in a devastating automobile accident. I was able to get policy limits for the family in a short amount of time, without putting them through litigation. I still keep in touch with the widow. She used some of her settlement to help others with Hurricane Harvey recovery, travel
ing to Houston with water and supplies from her home in Central Texas. She is a wonderful person and I’m so honored to have been able to assist her in such a difficult time.

What litigation are you currently working on?

I handle a number of personal injury matters, commercial vehicle accidents and injuries due to defective firearms. If Mark feels someone needs assistance and the matter does not fit in our wheelhouse, I’m usually asked to sort it out for them. Sometimes a letter will take care of the matter; sometimes we have to litigate. They are always varied and interesting, and I’m happy to help folks that normally might not have representation.

What are one or two things about you that most people don’t know?

I like to destress by gardening and crafting. I volunteer at Judge Lincoln Goodwin’s court, helping unrepresented parties mediate their disputes. I’m also related to a soap opera star!