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Federal Lawsuit Charges Billionaire Chinese Media Executive with Making ‘Terroristic Threats’ Against Noted Religious-Freedom Advocate

Lawsuit: Billionaire Guo Wengui inciting followers to kill Pastor Bob Fu 


MIDLAND, Texas – Attorneys for renowned Chinese activist, author and religious leader Bob Fu have filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Guo Wengui, the billionaire owner of Beijing Zenith Holdings, unlawfully targeted Pastor Fu through online death threats and protests at the Fu family home in Midland.

guo wengui

According to the lawsuit, Guo is orchestrating a “multi-faceted campaign of character assassination” to silence Pastor Fu and his longstanding work to promote religious freedom and human rights within China.

“Although claiming to support the Chinese pro-democracy movement, Guo employs his vast legal, financial, and corporate resources, together with his robust social media presence, to systematically target pro-democracy and pro-religious freedom activists in the Chinese American community,” the lawsuit says. “Since 2018, Guo has attacked Chinese human rights activists and bona fide CCP (Chinese Communist Party) dissidents in the United States. This year, Plaintiff Bob Fu became Guo’s latest target.”

Guo began the public attacks against Pastor Fu in September in a series of videos posted on his GTV and GNews websites, in addition to Twitter and YouTube. The attacks have become more aggressive in recent weeks with the promotion of death threats and the presence of scores of protestors outside Pastor Fu’s home. Following Guo’s directives, the protestors allege that Pastor Fu is a fraud and a spy for the Chinese government.

The false allegations, protests and credible threats against Pastor Fu have drawn the attention of local, state and federal law enforcement, and criticism from Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Pastor Fu and his family were recently placed in protective custody in separate locations.

“Dr. Fu is an internationally recognized spokesperson for Christian ministry and religious freedom, and this abuse of his reputation and encouragement of violence against him must stop,” says his attorney, Lawrence Wilson of The Lanier Law Firm in Houston. “His decades of dedicated promotion of human rights and democracy in his homeland and around the world must not be subjected to these assaults. This lawsuit will now shine a bright light on the actions and motivations of Mr. Guo.”

The lawsuit cites a series of claims against Guo, his media companies and associated individuals. Those claims include stalking, defamation, conspiracy and invasion of privacy. 

Guo made international news recently as the owner of a $35 million yacht on which the FBI conducted an early morning raid and arrested well-known political strategist Stephen Bannon. In addition, Guo’s media outlets have been used as platforms to spread a broad range of misinformation, including conspiracy theories about the origin of the coronavirus and accusations against Hunter Biden, son of President-elect Joe Biden.

The lawsuit is Xiqiu (Bob) Fu v. Guo Wengui et al, No. 7:20-cv-00257, filed in United States District Court in Midland, Texas.