Mark Lanier on Digitek Federal Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee

Mark Lanier has been appointed as one of the members of the Digitek Federal Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in the Multidistrict Litigation. Attorneys on this committee will perform services that benefit all of plaintiffs during the pretrial phase of the litigation.

Digitek Heart Medication


Digitek is a heart medication. There have been many cases of serious and fatal injuries due to people receiving these tablets that contained twice the intended amount of the drug. The defective pills were linked to a manufacturing defect and lack of quality control at the manufacturing plant in New Jersey. The plant was operated by generic drug maker Actavis Totowa, LLC.

Digitek Recall


A formal Digitek recall was issued in April 2008 for all lots of the pills sold. Actavis Totowa as well as their distributors are facing an increasing number of lawsuits filed by individuals who have suffered an overdose known as digitalis toxicity.

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