Toyota Recall Lawsuit

Toyota Recall Cases Being Accepted by the Lanier Law Firm


The Toyota Recall (Toyota’s recall due to gas pedals sticking and causing unintended acceleration) continues to dominate the headlines.  The Lanier Law Firm’s own Mark Lanier has been a featured guest on both CNBC’s Squawkbox and Fox Business News’ Varney and Company to discuss the fallout of the recall.  Toyota recalled 2.3 million vehicles to repair a gas pedal mechanism issue that could possibly cause the vehicle’s pedal to stick, forcing involuntary acceleration. This recent recall follows a November announcement in which Toyota recalled 4.2 million cars over concerns that the improper length of the floor mats have shown a inclination to cause the accelerator to stick to the floor in some Toyota models as well. The uncontrolled acceleration of the vehicle can become extremely dangerous. These issues have been cited as the cause of several automobile accidents involving Toyotas, including at least one in which four people were killed.

Auto companies such as Toyota do not take the decision to recall lightly as it is a very expensive and cumbersome process. It is a sign of an extreme risk in driving. The Lanier Law Firm takes these recall issues very seriously as well.

If you have been involved in an auto accident that you suspect was caused by a defective Toyota gas pedal or the faulty floor mats, The Lanier Law Firm attorneys may be able to assist you. We have extensive experience handling cases involving  defective products and personal injury. The Lanier Law Firm attorneys are currently investigating Toyota claims in New York and California and foresee additional cases developing from across the nation. Our attorneys have the ability and resources needed to help you obtain compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage by holding the car company accountable for potential negligence. To discuss if you are eligible for a Toyota recall lawsuit please contact a knowledgeable attorney at The Lanier Law Firm and someone will gladly answer any questions you may have in regard to these recalls.

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