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Texas Wildfire Lawsuit

Amidst devastation caused by Texas wildfires, the Lanier Law Firm stands as a beacon of hope. With deep empathy and legal expertise, we advocate for those impacted, pursuing justice against negligent parties. If you’ve suffered losses, contact us at 800-723-3216 for compassionate support and relentless advocacy.

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Legally Reviewed By: Alex J. Brown
Managing Attorney | Business Litigation

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Legally Reviewed By: Alex J. Brown
Managing Attorney | Business Litigation

The Smokehouse Creek Wildfire has wreaked havoc on ranches and communities throughout the Texas Panhandle. This historic fire has been ablaze since late February, causing massive property damage. So far, two deaths have been confirmed, but a full tally will not be possible until the situation has been fully resolved.

The wildfire is currently thought to have been caused by a poorly maintained utility pole. Injured victims and impacted property owners deserve accountability and compensation.

The devastation of this historic wildfire cannot be overstated. We will hunt down anyone responsible and bring them to justice. – Alex Brown, Managing Attorney

When Did the Texas Fires Start? 

The Smokehouse Creek Wildfire appears to have started on February 26, 2024. Fueled by an abundance of dried grass and dormant brush and stoked by unusually warm weather and strong winds, the blaze has grown into the largest wildfire in Texas history, burning over 1 million acres of land.  

As of March 8, the fire is 87 percent contained. Containment has been aided by cooler temperatures, renewed snowfall, and reduced winds, but flare-ups are still possible. Full containment is expected by March 14. There are currently burn bans in 66 counties across the state.  

What Areas Are Impacted by the Blaze?  

The massive Texas wildfire started near Stinnett in Hutchinson County. It then spread to multiple other counties throughout the Panhandle and into neighboring Oklahoma, burning over 1 million acres. The Smokehouse Creek Fire has also been exacerbated by numerous smaller wildfires nearby, including the Windy Deuce and Grapevine Creek fires.

Who Is Responsible for the Smokehouse Creek Fire? 

On March 7, Xcel Energy Inc. “acknowledged its involvement” in causing the fire. Xcel is a large electric utility and natural gas delivery company headquartered in Minnesota.  

According to a company filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, victims impacted by the fire have requested that “a fallen SPS utility pole that is situated within the vicinity of the fire’s potential area of origin be preserved.” Investigations into the origin of the devastating wildfire are ongoing.  

This would not be the first time a major utility company has caused devastating wildfires by negligently maintaining their power lines and utility poles. For example, Pacific Gas & Electric, the largest utility in California, has caused numerous historic fires in recent years, leading to hundreds of thousands of smoldering acres, thousands of buildings destroyed, and dozens of lives lost. Though PG&E has since been held liable for billions, victims will not be made whole.

Do I Have a Legal Claim?  

The Smokehouse Creek Fire has destroyed scores of homes, vast acres of ranch land, tens of thousands of cattle, and the livelihoods of countless victims. At least two people lost their lives. As the situation unfolds and liability becomes clearer, victims should not wait to enforce their right to compensation. As of March 11, three lawsuits have already been filed. You may have a viable claim if: 

  • You were injured or lost a loved one  
  • Your home, ranch land, or other real estate was damaged
  • Your livestock was lost or injured
  • Your personal property, such as farming equipment, was damaged 

You may be able to rely on various forms of insurance to secure compensation, including homeowner’s insurance, business insurance, crop insurance, livestock insurance, and health insurance. However, many impacted Texans do not have homeowner’s insurance, making their path to recovery more difficult. No matter your circumstances, our attorneys can help you explore all sources of compensation.  

Because of the widespread nature of this disaster, it is likely to lead to multiple billions of dollars in damages. Xcel Energy, other defendants, and insurers will fight hard to minimize the impact on their bottom lines. The best way to ensure you are not taken advantage of is by working closely with our experienced legal team.

If you or a loved one have been impacted by the horrific Texas wildfires, get resources and stay up-to-date on the Governor’s response via the Texas Division of Emergency Management website

The Lanier Law Firm Can Help  

The Lanier Law Firm is actively evaluating and responding to this unfolding situation. With deep roots in Texas, we are mobilizing our resources to help as many families as we can and mitigate the long-term impact this historic fire has on the communities we serve.

“Getting these farmers and ranchers on their feet again is critical not only for their families, but all Texans, if not the entire country, given the effect it could have on our state economy and the nation’s food supply,” says Alex Brown.

Our legal team is committed to helping Texans understand and exercise their right to full and fair compensation. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we secure compensation on your behalf. Call (713) 659-5200 or fill out our online contact form to learn about your legal options in a free consultation. 

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