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The Lanier Law Firm Taking On West Texas Trucking Oilfield Injury Cases

With ‘big oil’ comes big risks. The oil boom unquestionably has boosted the West Texas economy, but it’s done so at a price. That is why The Lanier Law Firm and I are now representing clients who have been injured in truck accidents involving oil and gas operators, as well as workers injured in dangerous oilfield accidents.

West Texas is known for its vast stretches of seemingly never-ending highways and roads, but those roads now have become what one resident describes as a “death trap.” Another resident was quoted in a local newspaper as saying that navigating the Midland-Odessa highways is like “driving in a pin ball machine.”

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Jud Waltman Featured In Texas Lawyer Magazine

Judson A. Waltman is the managing attorney for personal injury, product liability and maritime litigation for The Lanier Law Firm in Houston.

This year produced two distinct and important changes that will impact Texas personal injury practitioners going forward. These changes came in the form of new rules governing health insurer subrogation rights, and the Texas Supreme Court’s decision to severely curtail trial judges’ ability to issue spoliation instructions.

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