Intellectual Property Litigation at The Lanier Law Firm

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Thousands of hours in the courtroom have provided The Lanier Law Firm with the skills that clients need when their patents and other intellectual-property rights are threatened.

Infringement of valuable intellectual-property rights unfortunately is all too common in today’s complex global marketplace. Our attorneys are experienced in providing strategic counsel and aggressive representation to vindicate our clients’ rights in a variety of intellectual property matters. In short, the intellectual property lawyers at the Lanier Law Firm have the skill and experience it takes to get justice for patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret owners.

The Lanier Law Firm has distinguished itself as the go-to law firm for inventors and artists when major corporations infringe their rights. The Lanier Law Firm’s clients span the globe and its intellectual property lawyers hold infringers accountable in litigation nation-wide, every day.

Our Intellectual Property Litigation Group has represented both individuals and companies, including:

  • A California atomic-layer-deposition tool company in a willful patent infringement case against a major Korean manufacturer;
  • A Texas company in a major spam filtering case against 36 Fortune 500 companies;
  • A Minnesota inventor of cloud-computing technology in a willful patent infringement case against technology giant Apple;
  • A Nebraska technology start-up in a software authentication case against several major software makers;
  • An Ohio motion-gaming start-up in a patent-infringement suit against video-game giant Nintendo;
  • A California software company in a patent-infringement suit against Red Hat;
  • An Argentine medical doctor/inventor in a pacemaker patent-infringement, copyright and trade-secret suit against one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers;
  • A well-published musician in a copyright matter to determine the rights maintained by the musician and subsequent copyright claims against a record label; and
  • An innovator of telephone routing technologies, in patent litigation against the four largest wireless communications companies in the United States.