Asbestos & Mesothelioma

Missouri Appellate Court Finds “Reprehensible” Conduct By J&J in $2.1 Billion Verdict

 2018 jury award reduced due to jurisdictional issues

ST. LOUIS — A Missouri appellate court has unanimously upheld a St. Louis jury’s determination that Johnson & Johnson engaged in “reprehensible conduct” by manufacturing and selling asbestos-containing talcum powder products over the course of many decades. Continue reading “Missouri Appellate Court Finds “Reprehensible” Conduct By J&J in $2.1 Billion Verdict”

Johnson & Johnson’s Cover Up on Talc and Asbestos Revealed

HOUSTON – Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) is once again in the spotlight after a prestigious national news agency uncovered how company executives failed to warn consumers about the safety of its products, citing internal company documents from as far back as 1971. The article entitled “Johnson & Johnson Knew for Decades That Asbestos Lurked in its Baby Powder” showed that for nearly three decades, Johnson & Johnson knew that its talcum products contained the cancer-causing mineral, asbestos. The story was based on the news organization’s review of court documents and internal company memos. Continue reading “Johnson & Johnson’s Cover Up on Talc and Asbestos Revealed”

Mesothelioma Victim Earns Major Appellate Win

The firm’s Mark Linder has secured a major victory for his client, as a California appeals court has affirmed that employers can be held liable for injuries caused by secondhand asbestos exposure. The plaintiff, Wanda Beckering, alleges that she contracted mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos that accumulated on her husband’s work clothing during his long-term employment with Shell Oil.

“This ruling follows a growing number of appellate opinions from across the country that employers and landowners are under a duty to exercise reasonable care with respect to workplace hazards, including the liability that comes from transferring those hazards to family members and others,” says Linder.

The decision by a three-judge panel in the state’s Second Appellate District followed a recent ruling by the California Supreme Court that expanded the general duty of care that employers have to keep their employees safe from foreseeable harm. The panel sent the case back to the trial court with instructions to deny Shell’s motion for summary judgment.

“We look forward to picking up where we left off in the trial court and to giving Ms. Beckering’s family their day in court,” says Mr. Linder.

Asbestos Victim Wins California Appeal Ruling in Loss of Consortium Claim

The Lanier Law Firm Represents Wife Of Mesothelioma Victim Against Auto Parts Maker

LOS ANGELES – The California 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles has ruled in favor of the wife of a mesothelioma victim who says she is entitled to damages against a manufacturer of asbestos products based on the loss of consortium with her husband.

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The Lanier Law Firm Leads National Asbestos Litigation Conference

HOUSTON – Attorneys from The Lanier Law Firm, one of the country’s leading trial firms, will be taking a leading role during the Northeast Asbestos Litigators & Judges Forum in New York City on June 21.

The popular conference attended by attorneys and judges from across the U.S. will include presentations on important developments in asbestos law, dealing with asbestos trusts, appellate issues in asbestos cases, the status of asbestos litigation in all courts in the Northeast, and a variety of other issues.

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